The Explorer’s Guide to Tumkur: Confluence of History and Scenic Splendour

The choice of travel destinations in Karnataka are diverse, exciting and replete with visual splendor. For Bangaloreans pondering over their weekend plans, Tumkur ought to grab a place at the top of the shortlist. Chalk it down to proximity of Bangalore to Tumkur as compared to other destinations in Karnataka (which gives an explorer ample time to take in the sights), or the hospitable Tumkur temperature during the winters, or the rich archaeological heritage seen in the temples here; Tumkur has plenty to offer to the interested explorer.

Own Your Adventure

Traversing From Bangalore to Tumkur

Tumkur is a southern district that is just 87 km from Bangalore, with connecting roads that are easily navigable, take the NH48 to head here. For your journey from Bangalore to Tumkur, cabs can be foregone (read:prohibitively expensive) and self-driving would place you in a better position to truly explore this treasure trove and the several sightseeing spots of interest around Tumkur. While the summers here tend to be quite hot, the months between October to March would be the best time to make the trip here.

Steeped in Architectural Splendour

For those with an ardent interest in architecture, the ancient Hoysala style Chennakeshava temple at Aralaguppe, is a treat to behold. The Kalleshwara temple, temples at Devarayanadurga and the Shivaganga temples present magnificent structures with ornate interiors, holding mythological significance. Head to the Pavagada fort purported to be the location where the battle between the British and Tipu Sultan took place. Tourists also come here for trekking and rock climbing.

Symphony of Birds and Blackbucks

If wildlife photography is something you look forward to, head to the Kaggaladu Bird Sanctuary or the Jayamangali Blackbuck Reserve. The Kaggaladu Bird Sanctuary in the Sira Taluk which is the second largest painted stork sanctuary in South India, must not be missed by bird watchers who have traveled from Bangalore to Tumkur, as the grey herons, pelicans and storks can be spotted here during peak season. Besides being a home to Blackbucks, at the Jayamangali Blackbuck reserve, shutterbugs can delight at over sixty species of butterflies and 125 species of birds that have been recorded here.

 Sights From the Lap of Nature

To head to the popular Devarayanadurga, while driving on the Tumkur Toll road, take the road to the left of the first flyover at Dabbaspet, head straight for 200 meters, then take the right beneath the Flyover. Travel 20 km from here to reach the idyllic hill station, Devarayanadurga. Visitors are spoilt for choice as they can reach a bevy of scenic destinations nestled in the hills. Enjoy the breathtaking views from the Shivagange peak (an exciting spot for trekking enthusiasts) or the Namadha Chilume, a natural spring where the water never dries out, and the misty state forests which are ideal for sightseeing during the winters.

Delicacies for Your Tastebuds

When it’s time to take a break and savour a meal, you will have a variety of dishes to choose from as the cuisine on offer is South Karnataka cuisine with a Maharashtrian touch in certain regions. Be it the fluffy thatte idlis, the various baaths, the Ragi mudde or the vegetarian meals, good food and hotels in Tumkur are easy to find, with Tumkur district housing the India Food Park.

Travel presents the opportunity to truly experience a multitude of perspectives completely unlike our own. As we get closer to the lesser explored places, the more scope we have to discover some unique facets of the Great Indian Story. For an experience that goes beyond just crossing off a checklist of tourist spots, book your car and zoom away to Tumkur.

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