The Ford Ecosport: Only Available to Rent from Zoom

Self Drive Ford Ecosport
EcoSport now for rent

We are proud to introduce the newest member of the Zoom fleet: the Ford Ecosport.  We are particularly proud because Zoom is now the only car rental company in India to offer the Ecosport.  Ford is making a big bet on self-drive in India, so Zoom is the perfect partner! The waiting list to buy an EcoSport is almost a year long, so this really is your only chance to get behind the wheel.

This is a very impressive car.

The Ecosport is fully equipped to handle all of the challenges of driving in India. As many of us know, the roads here aren’t always in the best quality. We often drive over potholes, speedbumps, and have to avoid whatever else might have jumped into the middle of the road.  The Ecosport can handle all of these challenges with ease.  And with 200mm of ground clearance, the EcoSport is idea for the rainy season.

Keeping our customers in mind, we added the single best version of the Ecosport; the 1.5 TDCi Diesel Titanium Model! It has superior comfort and safety features. Ford thought of every detail, even a Cooling Glovebox, allowing you to store food and drink in your glovebox and keep it fresh and cool while you drive!  Just don’t forget it!

The EcoSport’s 1.5 liter diesel engine can get up to 22.67 Km per liter, making it one of the most fuel efficient SUV’s in the world. Of course, fuel is completely covered in Zoom’s all-inclusive tariff, but it’s nice not to have to fuel up as often!

The 5-seater Ecosport has plenty of room available, making it the perfect car to take your family on a big trip. Additionally, if you are looking for trunk space the back rows fold down, exposing a massive 705 liters of space in the back…that’s enough room to fit a 560-litre washing machine!

Moreover, the technology of the Ecosport is simply unparalleled for a vehicle of its class. It is equipped with Microsoft SYNC™ technology, allowing you to use voice commands for hands free calls, hands free music, listen to your text messages, and even get emergency assistance.

Customers have already began lining up to give the Ecosport a try. This weekend Mr. Jayaprakash Shanbhouge took the Ecosport for a spin and boy did he have fun! This is what he had to say; “It was truly a great experience driving eco sport! Being first customer makes it special..thanks zoom for such an awsome experience…Eco Sport is the best!”

Ford Ecosport India Car Hire
Just look at those smiles!
This is the worst part of it all. Maybe you were just offered your dream job, only to hear something like, “We’d like to hire you, but you just need to pass your hair follicle test first.” Whatever your motivation for needing to pass, we’re here to help get the result you’re looking for.

We currently have 5 Ecosport’s in the fleet, and plan on adding several more in the coming weeks. They are available at Malleshwarsm, JP Nagar, Johns Rd, Koramanagala, and Whitefield, with more locations around Bangalore being added soon. Our customers have been calling for a small SUV for a long time, and we are thrilled that we could be the first to offer the EcoSport!

Happy Zooming!

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