The Maggi Madness Drive For The Hungry Delhi Belly!

For those of you who love food but are lazy to cook, is there anything better than instant noodles, especially Maggi? Whether it is a rainy day or sunny summer, Maggi has always satisfied the taste buds. And when it went off the grid, most of us felt that there was something missing in our lives. However, we are glad that it has made a successful comeback, and GoBuzzinga decided to celebrate Maggi by dedicating an entire food fest to it. Some of the popular dishes showcased in the Maggi Fest were Maggi Shawarma, Maggi Lasagna, Maggi Donut, Seekh Kabab Maggi, Vodka Maggi & many more! The stalls at the festival saw a lot of street vendors, home chefs and restaurants from across the city celebrating their love for Maggi through some innovative combinations with instant noodles. Just in case if you missed the event, here’s a quick guide to the various kinds of Maggi, and where to try it out:

Maggi Sandwich

lbb in maggi

Imagine what a delight it would be to order some desi chai and pair it with a sandwich filled with Maggi! And that’s what you could hope for at Chaayo’s, one of the popular tea joints in town. Since it has 20 outlets in Delhi NCR, we believe that locating one wouldn’t be that difficult, especially when you are on the “Maggi Madness” drive.

Own Your Adventure

Maggi Pizza

Kriti Kapoor pizza
Courtesy: Kriti Kapoor /

So is it noodles or a pizza? You might be hard-pressed to answer that question with this combination, especially when you are still in a trance with all the cheese dripping out of the pizza. If you are craving for this cheesy desi mix, then you ought to drive to The Woodbox cafe located at Satyaniketan or DU GTB Nagar and try their Maggi Masala Pizza. You wouldn’t be sorry!

Maggi European

Aditya Jain euro
Courtesy: Aditya Jain /

We all love an occasional European or even Russian touch to our food. So why not give Maggi that privilege and make it Spanish, or Italian, or Russian or even Mexican and experience the best of both worlds? Kev’s located at Satyaniketan is the place where you get to give your traditional Maggi a bit of world cuisine twist.

Maggi Infinite

maggi walker
Courtesy: Maggi walker/

Well, many of us love the concept of Maggi. So much so that there are food joints with their entire menu solely dedicated to instant noodles. And you know exactly who we are talking about when we say Maggi infinite. Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point, Mom’s Kitchen, Maggi Walker, Hot Spot, and Classic are some of the “it” places to go for an all in all, Maggi bonanza.

Maggi Samosa

opensnap maggi samosa

So, we all have tried our hand at experiments when we tried making Maggi Bonda or Maggi Pakoda, just to style up the Maggi. But here is Maggi Samosa that broke all odds and stood out as the latest trend for your regular evening snack. Maggi Samosa is the trademark dish at Foodophiles located at Rohini.

Maggi Pasta

Tanya Yadav maggi pasta
Courtesy: Tanya Yadav /

So why just choose between Fusilli, or Penne or Spaghetti or Macaroni, when you could give the Italian pasta a desi twist with Maggi? You could have Maggi Alfredo or Maggi Arrabiata or Mixed Sauce Maggi. And if you are wondering where? Then head straight to Chaar Yaar cafe at Lajpat Nagar or Billu’s Food Hut.

Maggi Desi

google keema

Sometimes, Maggi needs to be just Desi and nothing else. As desi as Keema or Butter Chicken or Paneer Makhani is. Well, why not mix the two and get an ultimate Maggi-gasm by trying Kheema Maggi or Chilly Chap Maggi at Mom’s Kitchen or Hot spot or or the Potbelly Rooftop Cafe.

Maggi Midnight

Rahul Taluja midnight
Courtesy: Rahul Taluja/

Now before we move on to end the Maggi listings, we decided to check one more place which would serve delicious Maggi around midnight. We all have that craving, don’t we? Especially when we pull off all-nighters and having bread omelette with chai is not just enough for those hunger pangs. Midnight Sutra at Sector 8, Gurgaon, is your midnight Maggi saviour.

So where are you heading out for a Maggi trail? And do you have any more hidden spots for a good Maggi?

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