The Road To Araku Valley

With the long weekend approaching, a getaway is beckoning to us all. Time to pack a bag and zoom off toward the gorgeous Araku Valley. This  beautiful hill station in Andhra Pradesh is often referred to as Andhra Ooty and fondly called Araku.


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It can be reached easily, as it’s a mere 26 km from Anantagiri, and from Vizag, the distance is only 112 km. Vijayawada is 432 km away and the distance is about 635 km from Hyderabad. The best time to visit Araku is between March and May, so what do you say?

The journey to the valley is most enjoyable through road. The road is covered with thick green jungles on both sides as the winding road flows through the Anantagiri range.


The roads are modernized, but the valley still has its roots deep in its culture. The valley has a large tribal population, of which, some primitive tribal groups have still not changed their lifestyles. They are very hospitable to their visitors.  They even perform their traditional Dhimsa dance to entertain tourists.



Araku boasts of brilliant weather. In the summer, the maximum temperatures hit the highest of 26 degrees, while the minimum is 22 degrees. In winter, the temperatures drop further with the maximum of 11 degrees and a minimum of 8 degrees. Araku is surrounded by mountains like Galikonda, Ratakonda, Sunkari Metta and Chitamogondi, and also has the highest peak of the Eastern Ghats, Jindhagada Peak.


The view from the Jindhagada Peak


The must do activities while at the Araku Valley, and should not be missed are:

Borra Caves

AP_2nd img


Tyada – Jungle resort


Katiki Falls


Tribal Museum & Padmapuram Botanical Gardens

If museums are something you are into, them a trip to the the Araku Tribal Museum is a must. It houses rich tribal tradition, number of artifacts and displays that are related to tribal culture of the Eastern Ghats.


If you are a coffee freak, then the coffee plantations are a must visit, too. 


Now, pack those bags and let’s zoom to Araku Valley!

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