The Ultimate Checklist of Things You Must Do This Pongal!

As we’ve stepped into yet another year, it’s already time for festivities and celebration. Pongal, the first festival of the year is here. Pongal, popularly celebrated in Tamil Nadu is the harvest festival dedicated to the Sun God. Also known as Tamil New Year, the four-day festival is primarily celebrated to convey appreciation for a successful harvest. Zoomcar wishes you a great Pongal and we bring you a whole lot of things you must do during Pongal celebration.

Jallikattu – A bull taming sport!

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Let’s begin with the exiting Jallikattu. Jallikattu is a traditional spectacle, a bull taming sport where a bull is released into a crowd of people. Participants attempt to grab the bull’s back and hang on to it while the bull attempts to escape. They must hold on to the bull for as long as possible, and attempt to bring the bull to a stop. The history of Jallikattu dates back to 400-100 BC where Aayars who lived in the ‘Mullai’ division of the ancient Tamil country practiced the sport. The word comes from the terms ‘salli kaasu’ (coins) and ‘kattu’ (a package), referring to the prize money being tied to the horns of a bull.

Now that was history, but you must experience this live. If you’re in Chennai or Coimbatore, then head to these popular Jallikattu destinations:

Location Distance from Chennai (km) Distance from Coimbatore (km)
Alanganallur, Madurai 457 195
Avaniapuram, Madurai 475 211
Siravayal, Karakudi 424 246
Thammampatti, Salem 321 228
Palamedu, Madurai 450 199

Believe us the drive will be worth it once you’re there!

The festival is celebrated with much fervour and several other traditional sports such as the bullock cart race and cycle race. Another incredibly fun game is Uriyadi. The game typically involves a beautifully decorated earthen pot hung high where participants are blindfolded and must attempt to smash the pot with a stick. Valuku Maram is another funny yet exiting game. A pole is greased with oil and participants must climb the pole to grab the bundle of money on the top of the pole. The winner gets to take away the money. However, you will roll on the floor with laughter looking at people giving this game a shot. 


Another popular tradition associated with this festival is the kolam kutti or rangoli. Ladies draw designs outside their homes using rice flour, chalk powder or naturally/synthetically coloured powders.


And finally how can any festival be complete without shopping? Market places are abuzz with shoppers during Pongal as people flock at stores such as Pothys, Nallis, and Saravana’s store in Chennai. Apart from traditional outfits, the market is full of shoppers seeking kolam (rangoli), kuthu vilakku (lamp), earthen pots, and sugarcane.

Feasting on Pongal!

The icing on the cake of this celebration is savouring the dish itself! Sweet Pongal made from jaggery, brown sugar, cane juice, topped with nuts and raisins is absolutely divine!

What are you waiting for? Isn’t this exiting? Book your Zoomcar here and drive down to your chosen destination to experience the Jallikattu and much more.

May you be abundant and prosperous, and may this Pongal spread warmth and illumination just like the Sun! Pangalo Pongal!

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