Things You Must Do When In Chennai

Chennai is a passionate place filled with culture and heritage, it’s known for its world class cinema and fabulous food When in the south of our wonderful country, a visit to Chennai is a must, there are so many things you must do when in Chennai, a list of activities that will fancy everyone’s interest.

Alamparai-Fort -

The Alamparai Fort or rather the ruins of this fort are located about an hour from the city limits of Chennai, the view from the fort overlooking the see are magnificent. The fort is known to have many a pre-wedding photo shoots held here since it has a fabulous brack-drop as per photographers. It’s quite easy to miss this while on the road, so best be on the look on for it. It’s worth the visit, we’ve never steered you wrong have we?

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Covelong-Beach - Things You Must Do When In Chennai

Located on the Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal, which has golden sun and sand beaches. The place has a unique aura and drawing effect to it. The calm seas give you so much inner happiness and peace that just makes getting away from the city that much better. Covelong is known for its surfing schools and definitely is a must-try. Obviously, the seafood here is as fresh as can be and is divine!

Egmore-Museum - Things You Must Do When In Chennai

The building is the British-built Pantheon Complex that is home to Chennai’s best. From the National Art Gallery , Contemporary Art Gallery to the Children’s Museum you can see it all here. Their  collection of South Indian bronze artifacts from the era of the 7th-century Pallava through to modern times is captivating. There is a lot of historical things to see and explore. It is a must visit for all tourists!

Koyambedu-Flower-Market - Things You Must Do When In Chennai

If you’re someone who rises bright and early, this is the place for you to go to. This market raring to go while the rest of city is asleep, this market is hustling and bustling with all kinds of things going on. From people yelling out instruction to load vans with flowers to people trying to make sales. The aroma of white jasmines, yellow Chrysanthemums, and colorful roses fills the air in the entire market! Must must visit!

Marina-Beach - Things You Must Do When In Chennai

The longest beach in India, and also the second longest beach in the world. The Marina Beach extends for 13 km from St. George Fort to Mahabalipuram. Watching the sun rise and set is an experience in itself. Beautiful and breathtaking also doesn’t seem to describe it enough.

Semmozhi-Poonga-Park - Things You Must Do When In Chennai

Semmozhi Poonga is a botanical park is set up by the horticulture department of  the Government of Tamil Nadu in their capital city of Chennai. Another popular venue for all the cities photographers for pre and post wedding shoots.

Thanlankuppam-Pier - Things You Must Do When In Chennai

Thalankuppam is a small fishing place, located at the extreme north of Chennai city. There is a  has a wide, sandy beach, broken piers, fishing boats, and more. Known for its fresh fish, the locals, and others from far away flock to this place for the daily and the weekly fish market. Fish here is sold and bought here in lots and works like an auction.

Saravana Bhavan - Things You Must Do When In Chennai

When in Chennai, do stop by at Saravana Bhavan for your idlis, dosas, and south Indian food binge, it’s something you will not regret at all! The largest vegetarian restaurant chains in the world with 20 outlets only in Chennai, so make sure you are at one of them for breakfast or lunch. We’ll let the food to the talking here!

So where are you planning to zoom to in Chennai next?

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