It’s 8th March. A day that celebrates women and their achievements, a day that calls for gender equality. Not one day marked on the calendar to make her feel special, but a day to remind each of us to treat her with love and respect every single day for she truly deserves it.

Think about it – ‘HE’ is, has been and will be complete because ‘SHE’ is by his side.

To all the lovely ladies that need to be reminded of how beautiful, inspiring, talented and lovely they are. And to all the men who would not have been who they are if it wasn’t for her. This is what makes her special.

  1. HE had a bachelor’s pad. SHE turned it into a home.

Isn’t this something most men would resonate with? With his clothes thrown around in every nook and corner, dishes accumulated in the sink over weeks and dust caked on every item that ever adorned his room. SHE came around to turn it into a home. She brings in the calm amidst the chaos. She teaches him to lend a hand. She helps him make the house a home for it reflects their story. She is the wife.

  1. HE was planning on a drive. SHE made it a trip worth remembering.

He enjoyed his solo trips and loved driving away all by himself. But SHE turned his trips into memories. She became his travel mate, a partner to spend the rest of his life with. She is the girlfriend, the wife.

  1. HE was planning on ordering in. SHE turned it into a beautiful romantic date.

She cleans, she cooks, she does it all. And on one of those days when he wanted to order something in, SHE magically turned it into a romantic date. The candle lit dinner in the comfort of those lovely pajamas. She truly has an art to make everything exciting and fun. She is the better-half.

  1. HE never enjoyed studying. SHE made it easy, interesting and fun.

Remember those days when he refused to study. He enjoyed playing sports. But SHE taught him balance – to manage studies and sports. She was patient with him. She taught him discipline, hard work and kindness. She taught him the true meaning of life. She is the teacher.

  1. HE was scared to take on the world. SHE made sure he tackles every problem that life throws at him.

He was afraid of the world, afraid of challenges. SHE taught him to never give up. She made him strong. She believed in him. She is the person who loves unconditionally. She is the mother.

  1. HE was lonely as a kid. SHE came and brought life-long care and love with her.

While HE was lonely and quietly playing with his toys, SHE came long and changed that for him. She taught him what caring for someone meant. She taught him love and affection. She was his partner in crime. She was the younger sister.

  1. HE often got into trouble when young. SHE made sure she got him out of trouble every single time!

He forever landed himself in trouble. He played cricket and broke the neighbor’s window; he and his friends punctured that old uncle’s car tire and he was up to his naughty antics all the time. But every single time he was in trouble he went to her. SHE was the hand he held when he stumbled. She is the elder sister.

Let’s celebrate and thank all the lovely women in our lives, women who play so many roles – mother, sister, wife, grandmother teacher, boss, colleague, and so much more. A shout-out to all the women without whom this world indeed would have been a dull place. To the women who strive hard to keep their homes a happy place, who work hard at their workplaces and who add so much love in everyone’s lives.

Let’s Celebrate Womanhood and not just Women’s Day!

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