Top 12 Honeymoon Destinations In India

Often, it is not the destination that matters, but the journey. So it is with most experiences in life, including marriage where even short-lived moments such as a honeymoon can become a memory to treasure for a lifetime.

India is a world of beauty, but we have handpicked the best of the best honeymoon destinations in India, the journey to which will be enriched by scenic drives. Play your tunes, sing along, show some love and share some laughter as you roll down those windows, open your hearts and Zoom into the perfect spot for your honeymoon.

Own Your Adventure

1. Pondicherry: To some, the perfect start to a marriage can be found in a French experience. Pondicherry offers that and more! Colorful homes, charming cobbled streets, beaches offering romantic moments of solitude, and restaurants lit by candles to create the perfect honeymoon – all just a short Zoom drive away from Chennai.


2. Kovalam: One of the most romantic and relaxing experiences during a honeymoon can be found within the confines of a beach town. The shallow waters, coupled with soothing ayurvedic massages and stunning views of the Arabian sea make Kovalam a perfect honeymoon getaway. All you need is a Zoom drive from Bangalore!


3. Allepey: Romance, at the best of times, is born from simplicity. The backwaters ofAllepeyoffer you just that. A golden sunrise, the twitter of birds, whistling trees and serene waters – all tied together to create memories to cherish forever.


4. Manali: Zoom up the streets of Delhi and into the wilderness of the hills of Manali. The cool mountains offer the perfect atmosphere to warm up to each other as the sun kisses the mountain peaks.


5. Gangtok: There is something about lush green valleys and crystal clear lakes that brings out the romantics in all of us. With its vast stretches of nature unending, Gangtok is sure to take your breath away, making it the perfect destination for your honeymoon. It is the land where poets are sure to find inspiration, for it is simply that stunning. From Yumthang Valley to the Orchid Sanctuary, from the small bazaars to the Cottage Industries, there’s a lot to enjoy as a newly-wed. So, pack your bags and head on to Gangtok!


6. Udaipur: Delhi is a wonderful starting point for a Zoom journey. Just one drive can take you splendid locales tucked away into the layers of sands called Rajasthan. It all starts with Udaipur, otherwise known as the Venice of the East. The White City is almost a royal honeymoon experience, with its mesmeric beauty spellbinding anyone who sets foot into this city of lakes.


7. Jaisalmer: From the White City, on to the Golden City. Located in the heart of the Thar, Jaisalmer is easy to drive to from Udaipur. Apart from the warmth of each other’s company, you will you and your significant other revelling in the art, crafts, culture and tradition of this haven!


8. Goa: Warm shores, awe-inspiring Portuguese architecture, an electric nightlife and possibly every kind of food you can ever treat your taste buds to. This, and more, is what lies in store on the sandy lands of Goa. The place has everything that will make sure your honeymoon period lasts forever. A coastal retreat, this popular honeymoon destination is a glorious drive from Mumbai, so prepare to Zoom into the shimmering sunset in the company of your loved one!


9. Srinagar: Sitting pretty on the banks of the river Jhelum, Srinagar is a honeymoon dream destination you simply have to visit. There’s so much to do – take a romantic walk through the beautiful Mughal gardens, take a ride on the Shikaras, and even go water skiing on Dal Lake! There is a plethora of monuments to feast your eyes on as well, the Jama Masjid and the Sankaracharya Temple to begin with. No matter how many times you visit Srinagar, it will always leave you mesmerized.


10. Kumarakom: the wheels of Zoom go round and round Bangalore’s roads to take you into what is perhaps the most laid back honeymoon destination of the South – Kumarakom. Feel the waters ebb gently along Kochi, as you share many a tender moment inside houseboat, surrounded by nature and the scent of love.


11. Kabini: If adventure is what you crave in the company of your better half, then look no further than Kabini. Zoom to the lush green forests from Bangalore, to feel the adrenaline rush of a wildlife safari and to behold the marvel that is the Kabini Dam, among other things!


12. Mahabaleshwar: With music playing in your joyful Zoom ride, the drive from Pune to Mahabaleshwar could be the perfect start to your honeymoon. Pick strawberries in the wild, enjoy a romantic boat ride in Venna Lake and watch as the sun sets in the golden-pink horizon, beyond the hills that dot the borders of this wonderful destination.


It doesn’t matter where you are or where you want to be – Zoom gives you a chance to go anywhere you want, especially if it is your heart’s desire to forge a stronger bond with someone else. So, if you’re looking for a honeymoon destination, Zoom gives you not one, not two, but 12 reasons to travel!

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