Twilight Road-Trip to Rasta Cafe and CCD Kolar

Last night a fellow team-member and myself took out a Figo for a twilight road-trip around Bangalore!

We had recently heard of a good late night food spot that stays open until 4am, and another early morning destination that offered some of the best sunrises in Bangalore. We concluded that a twilight road-trip would be the best way to see both of these destinations in one shot, and made the necessary reservations to do so.

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1:30am: Karan and his girlfriend pick me up from in front of my apartment

2:30am: Arrival at “Rasta – Premium Lifestyle Café” off the Bangalore-Mysore Highway

Entering into the Rasta Cafe
Entering into the Rasta Cafe

Rasta is a nice restaurant/cafe off of the  Bangalore-Mysore Highway. It’s main perks? It stays open until 4am (sometimes open 24 hours!), has great coffee, affordable food, and a pool table too!

Rasta Cafe Bangalore
Inside of the Rasta Cafe

We were pleasantly surprised to find that, despite it being nearly 3am, the place was filled with people. Many seemed to be tired and needing a perk  (hence the coffee consumption), and some people were even sleeping!

Regardless, the ones who were awake all seemed to be chatty and having a good time. It seemed like a great place to either make a pit stop during a long road trip, or simply come for some late night food and good conversation.

Being that it was a late night trip, some late night food was in order as well. Karan and I both ordered the American Breakfast. 2 eggs any style, toast, hash browns, baked beans, and vegetable sausage….delicious!

Breakfast Rasta Cafe


3:30am: After we finished eating it was time to move onto our next destination. We walked outside to continue on our way, but upon walking outside we were greeted with quite the surprise…ANOTHER ZOOM CAR!!

Seems like we weren’t the only ones who had the idea to come to Rasta! These two guys appeared to be sleeping off a long trip, so we didn’t want to bother them. However…we absolutely needed to take some pictures first!

Zoom Car Rental Rasta Cafe

4:00am: After a quick photoshoot we were on our way to the next destination, Café Coffee Day in Kolar (also known as CCD Kolar), a little over 60KM outside of Bangalore and a supposed beautiful place to watch the sunrise.

5:45am: Sun is starting to rise…Good Morning Bangalore!

Good Morning Bangalore!
Good Morning Bangalore!

6:00am: Arrival at CCD Kolar. After a long night of traveling and no sleep the thought of a coffee was like a godsend. We took some pictures and then went inside for a quick coffee and bite to eat (on a road trip excessive eating is always a necessity!).

Zoom Car Rental Cafe Coffee Day Kolar
Cafe Coffee Day Chillin’ !
Zoom Car CCD Kolar
Morning Sunrise at CCD Kolar!

7:00am: After some food/coffee we took some more pictures before heading off on our way… what a beautiful place!

Sun is shining...the weather is sweet!
Sun is shining…the weather is sweet!
Look at that background!
Look at that background!
Nothing like Mountains in the Morning!
Nothing like Mountains in the Morning!
That smile is priceless!
That smile is priceless!

830am: Arrival in Bangalore… and that’s all folks!

Overall it was a great way to spend the night/morning. If you are looking for a late night place outside of Bangalore to switch things up and try something new, Rasta is an awesome spot with great ambiance and scenery. Highly recommended.

And if you are looking for a morning ride to start your day off right, the CCD in Kolar is a great way to spend your morning before you head to work. Grab breakfast and a coffee there for the sunrise, and leave before the traffic picks up in Bangalore! We managed to get into work earlier than normal by avoiding the traffic, and I couldn’t be happier with the way I spent my morning 🙂

– Troy

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