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At Zoomcar our belief is self-drive for the self-driven, that is why it is our company tagline as well as our motto. As a company, we believe you can be the best if you drive yourself towards achieving the best, be it a goal of sorts, a start or a new career or even an education. If you zoom in the right direction, success will always follow you. That’s why we have launched an education program called Unnati By Zoomcar.

In our company itself, we have such amazing examples of people who are self-driven towards a better future, our fleet executives. They may have had to leave their studies for various reasons but they are driven to make their mark, to achieve their dreams, and we seeing this had to be a part of this incredible and let’s not forget commendable decision.  In association Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management also known as GITAM University, we at Zoomcar have extended the offer an education program to our amazing fleet executives.

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The program will have both graduation & post graduation courses offered to them. Courses such as B.A, B.Com MA, M.Com, MBA, MCA, and also M.Sc. A total of 24 employees opted for these courses, BA had 12 executives opt for it, while B.Com had 10. Two executives decided to opt to do their Masters, by opting for an M.Com and MBA course respectively.

The employees will be greatly benefited with this arrangement since this will be a distance learning course wherein our employees will work along with completing their dream of a higher education. As we have directly tied up with the GITAM University, the course fees are going to be just 50% of the actual cost! As we want to encourage the employees more, further to the discount, we have decided to pay their fee for the 1st year which we will deduct in installments from them. GITAM University has offered to set up a help desk for the employees which will coordinate with the University and provide them with door step services. Services will include counseling for courses; assistance with any documents if required; collection and submission of forms to the University; project and assignment assistance with regard to submissions, of course; registrations for examinations; delivery of books, hall tickets, ID cards, and even mark sheets, etc. When the employees got their books they were thrilled!

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Zoomcar is proud of our self-driven employees, who are Zooming towards a better future!

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