Unsung Heroes – Episode 4

Continuing the saga of introducing one of our Unsung Heroes. We at Zoomcar would like to mention our Unsung Hero for April – Vishal Garje. Vishal is a Fleet Executive working out of our Pune office. In the 1.5 years that Vishal has been a part of the Zoomcar family. Coming into the Zoomcar family on a vacancy reference from his friend, Vishal was still pursuing his college education. With a daily commute of more than 70 km to and from work, he still pushed himself to complete his education. This is Vishal’s first job, he is strong in his beliefs when it comes to career growth and opportunities provided, and knows Zoomcar is the place for him.

Unsung Hero-EP4

Own Your Adventure

When Vishal was on a night shift few months ago, a couple came to return a car they booked. However, they had met with an accident, the couple was badly injured and the car had blood stains and was heavily damaged. Although Vishal’s duty ended at 11.00 pm, he took the responsibility of taking the couple to the nearest hospital. He stayed there till around 3:00 am, and left only after things seemed to be under control. The couple came back a few days later to meet their Good Samaritan – Vishal. They personally thanked him for all the help that night, and still keep in touch with him.

That night Vishal represented the most important core value of Zoomcar, Customer Relationship. His actions to help the customer first and go the extra mile for them are not only noble but commendable too! We are immensely proud to have him as a part of the Zoomcar family.

unsung heroes

Apart from working with cars, Vishal loves bikes; riding gives him incredible joy. He hopes to fulfill his dream of owning a cruiser bike! 

Thank you, Vishal, for being a part of the Zoomcar family.

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