Today I would like to put some of our lesser-known team members under the spotlight. Every time you rent a car and self drive with Zoom, these are the people who help make the process easier. They take your calls, book your reservations, help you when you get into trouble, and most importantly they keep you smiling. Without these people, Zoom wouldn’t be able to keep the self-drive revolution alive. We are truly grateful to have them with us, and appreciate all of their hard work!

Without further ado I present to you the crowd favorite “Unsung Heroes” of Zoom, Part 3.

First up we have Reshma J in the office!

Zoom Employee Reshma

A lover of storybooks and TV, Reshma has an imagination like none other. She was born and raised in Kolkata, and attended Divya Shanti High School before completing her education at Kristu Jayanti College in Bangalore. Prior to working with Zoom she worked for a travel company called “Travel Rishi/ SS Holidays” in Bangalore. When asked why she was interested in joining the Zoom team, she replied “ I want a job where I can be creative and work on a team, and this seems to be a great match. After reaching Zoom, I was impressed with the ”Self Drive service” and I was proud to be a part of the business. I truly believe that that the key to job happiness is to find something that you are passionate about, and I am truly passionate about Zoom!”

Next up we have the man behind the Ejipura site, Kiran!


When he isn’t working hard as a fleet executive he is a simple man who enjoys relaxation and good food. Born and raised in Bangalore, Kiran went to Gayathri Educational Academy. Kiran is a jack-of-all-trades; before working with Zoom he worked a service job, as an architecht supervisor, helped at press coferences, and then was a driver as well! Ironically enough, Kiran came to work for Zoom thinking that he would be a driver. He tried out the job for a week and ended up staying on board with us afterwards! He said “it was challenging at first but I was learning a lot and I enjoyed my work”.

Last but not least we have the Team Lead for our Hosur Site, Ravi! (not pictured)

When he isn’t taking long drives and visiting new places, he is cultivating his creativity and thinking up innovative ideas of future business plans. Originally from Mysore, Ravi finished his schooling in Mandya. Prior to working with Zoom Ravi worked as a civil contractor. When asked why he was interested in working with Zoom he replied, “Zoom has started new type of business in India, a new concept of renting cars and providing very good service to its customers. I was very impressed with the concept. I joined zoom as a fleet executive with many dreams towards my career. Zoom recognizes this & gives value to the skills & ideas of an employee, providing growth towards their career.”

We hope you enjoyed reading about our amazing team members. They truly work hard and deserve this credit, and we are thankful to have them as a part of our team!


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