Unsung Heroes Part 4


Yes! We are back with our fourth session on Unsung Heroes. This time we would like to throw some light on our second outlet of Zoomcar i.e. Pune and talk about the countless efforts of our support executives. While working round the clock they contribute the most in resolving issues and are indeed our true pillars of strength.

Own Your Adventure

Every time you rent a car and self drive, these are the people who help make the process easier. They take your calls, book your reservations, help you when you get into trouble, and most importantly they keep you smiling. Without these people, Zoomcar wouldn’t be able to keep the self-drive revolution alive. We are truly grateful to have them with us, and appreciate their dedication and hard work!

Without further ado we present to you the “Unsung Heroes” of Zoomcar version 4.

First up we have Vilas from the call centre team. He is one person who goes above and beyond the call of duty. With his ever ready flexibility to work in any shift, he is known for performing his work with utmost diligence. When he isn’t working, he loves to keep himself updated by reading newspaper and browse financial website which accounts to his incremental progress. When asked about his experience working with Zoomcar he said “The role excites him a lot and he is very proud to have been associated with the first self-drive car rental company in India”.

Vilas_ UnsungNext up we have the man behind the Hinjewadi site, Pramod!


He started working with us as a fleet executive. Prior to working with Zoomcar, he was a businessman. He joined Zoomcar for the love of cars and above all he likes to meet different people and make new friends. He wants to explore more on the business management front and he feels by working with us he will be able to hone that skill over the coming months. His take on Zoomcar as a company “Zoomcar caters to various audiences and provides lots of options for self-driving based on an individual’s affordability quotient. Functioning on such a dynamic business model, he is sure that Zoomcar will be the No.1 self-drive car rental in India”.

Last but not the least we have Kewal who is employed with us as a call centre executive.


Raised in Nagpur, he has been residing in Pune for the last two decades. His hobbies range from reading books and listening to music to expanding his social circle by making new friends. He is a happy-go-lucky person who is also an ardent nature lover. When asked about his working experience with Zoomcar, he expressed immense pleasure and quoted “This unique self-drive business model is one-of-a kind and he is very delighted to be a part of this organisation”. He was also reminiscing the joy of meeting all the office staff in Bangalore where he underwent his initial training.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our amazing team members. They play a very crucial role to give wings to our dreams and we are thankful to have them as a part of our Zoomcar family!

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