Venture Out to the Northern Frontier of Manikaran!

After working and living in a city for years, the daily grind gets to you and as individuals approach the point of burnout, they realize it’s time for a break. There rises a desire to just get away from the lifestyle that cuts into your peace of mind with the office politics, endless traffic and fast food. If you have reached that threshold, pack your bags and head to the wilderness at Manikaran, because the mountains are beckoning. Being once among the chief places to visit in the Kullu district, get ready to be rendered speechless. Be it the snowcapped peaks in the distance, the serene valley or the mighty Parvati river flowing in full gusto, you are bound to feel like you have stepped into a painting, brimming with overwhelming beauty in every direction that you look.

Breathe in the sweet air of Kullu

Own Your Adventure

Much has been spoken about the Kullu Manali weather, and not in vain. With October to June being the ideal time to visit Kullu, tourists flock to Kasol, Manikaran(located in the Kullu district), and Sosan to witness the tranquility that Parvati valley offers. If you would like to experience driving in the wistful valleys past pine trees, take the scenic drive from Chandigarh to Manikaran, by following the NH205, NH154 and NH3 leading to Manikaran Road. At Manikaran, you can hear the gushing river and see tourists heading this way to partake in the fresh air and the hot springs which are spread across the valley.

A Sojourn to the Land of Healing and Spirituality

Trekkers and nature lovers flock to Manikaran, from where they can also later visit the trekking hotspots of Barshaini, Pulga and Tulga. You can stay at one of the several hotels in Manikaran which are economic for backpackers and families alike, and then check out the Kanwar wildlife sanctuary, or soak in the sights further away from the town. Having a strong Tibetan influence, Manikaran offers many places for alternative healing, and you can take back the crystals, varieties of Himalayan salts and several traditional herbal concoctions that have been used by the Kulluvi people since centuries. You can also try out the mutton thukpa and momos from the stalls near the Manikaran bus stop, or savour authentic Punjabi food. You can catch sight of people fishing for trout when you trek down further towards Kasol. People coming to Manikaran do not miss out on trying out the hot springs as they are said to heal diseases. Considered to be a holy place by Sikhs and Hindus, the Sri Guru Nanak Devji Gurudwara, Rama temple and Shiva temple at Manikaran draw in a steady influx of pilgrims.

 When the Perfect Drive Meets the Perfect Destination

While the Kullu Manali weather, the trekking, the sheer magnitude of the Parvati river are perfect reasons to add Manikaran to your travel list, the drive there is what wields a touch of magic. With the clouds brushing through the trees, the sounds of the river singing to you and rocks cut to accommodate vehicles, this is the wistful, melodious and picturesque experience that stays with travellers for a while. Ditch the cabs and the buses, and drive there to experience a journey that is as stunning as Kullu is.

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