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Firstly, thank you! We received an overwhelming response to our Suggestion-box contest. We conducted this contest to understand, what were the pains areas for our customers; that we could improve on. The responses we received made us more aware of problem areas, as well as the needs of you, our customer. Suggestions poured in on areas, but since we decided to chose, Car Cleanliness and Mechanical Condition of the car as the topics; we decided to pull out the winners that gave the best suggestions for these topics!

And the winners were Aveem Ashfaq – For his suggestions on Car Cleanliness and Karthik Siddulagari – For his suggestions on the Mechanical Condition of the car.Apart from their suggestions, we received so many others.

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Cleanliness of the car:

Cleanliness of a car is a major issue for all of us, and that’s why we decided to concentrate on it 100%. We had some amazing suggestions sent to us, and here we would like to list a few of them:

  • Some of our customers suggested that we should have a strict No Snacking/Drinking policy inside our cars, and should try to incorporate rubber mats in the footwells of all our cars, as they can be removed and cleaned easily.
  • One particular customer had a unique suggestion “The cleaner you return, the more we return” – The customer who returns the car in a cleaner condition gets a discount or refund of a particular amount at the end of his trip, depending upon the cleanliness of the vehicle.
  • While a few suggested adding a provision for extra ‘cleanliness fee’ in the car tariff, IF the car is not clean. (More as a scare tactic. Sometimes, fear works 🙂 ), the rest suggested a separate staff for cleaning the vehicles.
  • A few customers said maybe we should hire a Cleanup Crew at pickup points. They suggested to tie up with a local NGO probably and also help in creating employment. This would be a win-win for our customer getting clean vehicles as well as, taking care of the company’s CSR. Creating employment will also help the other person earn something that can help provide for himself and his family.

Mechanical Conditions of the car:

When it came to this, we were appalled to hear some of the issues our customers faced. And, we are working on sorting out these issues:

  • Some of our car enthusiastic customers suggested that we check for any bend or deformity in of the wheel rim, while checking the wheel balancing. In that case, we should use the spare tyre or it would be better to replace the rim.
  • The suggestions which inclined more towards the technical aspects of the car were:
    Tyre tread wear
    Alignment of tyres
    Air pressure in the tyres
    Play of the pedals
    More cars with ABS
    All the blinkers to be in working condition
    Option for fog lamps, additional lights
    Option for Four wheel drive
    More cars with automatic transmission
  • We also liked the idea, that one of our customers submitted, that the fleet members should have mechanical knowledge to attend to any last minute problems that may arise while picking up the car.
  • Most of the cars aren’t being serviced on time said another customer, so following the service schedule is crucial for better customer experience and longer vehicle life. Point noted!
  • Some suggestions for the Zoomcar app said-
    – Zoom car app can be modified to report mechanical problems along with return checklist. This, we loved!
  • We received some really valuable insights like “Showroom service centers loot you in broad daylight with their high labor charges. Hire a local garage/mechanic per city to take care of the oil changes and coolant flush. A local garage is always cheaper than going to a service center. And contracting him to take care of all the cars is even cheaper. Just get the air filter and oil changed by the local mechanic according to the km they have got.”
  • Last but not the least, some of our beloved customers suggested:
    – do a thorough checkup with the respective car manufacturer at required intervals
    – check the air pressure of tyre for the a safe drive
    – check for any type of noise that came from the car, and to have them fixed.


We did receive more than these, but these are a few we are working on. We always want your Zoomcar Experience, to be nothing but a happy one.

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  1. 1. The most important thing i want to point out is please takecare of the tyres before handing over the car to customer.
    2.Please have some of the permits done beforehand and based on the permits allocate the cars.

  2. 1. The most important thing i want to point out is please takecare of the tyres before handing over the car to customer.
    2.Please have some of the permits done beforehand and based on the permits allocate the cars.

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