Wondering how your car’s pictures can make you earn more?

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Just uploading the pictures of your car on the Zoomcar Host Studio App is enough for you to start getting more bookings. Our Guests, who you share your car with, find it more appealing and authentic.

As an organization we are always on the lookout for opportunities for our Hosts to get the maximum out of their cars and provide the best possible travel experience to our Guests.

Own Your Adventure

As a Host, you must  always be wondering how you can earn the most out of your car, while serving the Guests in the best manner possible. 

Since our goals are aligned, we have in the past come up with ingenious ways for you to maximize your earnings, such as monthly incentives, information on high demand periods, faster turnaround times on damages and much more. 

In tandem with the above changes, we have come up with another ingenious way for you to further your earnings, while making the Guest feel more comfortable while booking your car. 

This is in the form of the Zoomcar Host Studio App.

What is the Zoomcar Host Studio App?

The Zoomcar Host Studio App is an application which allows you to share pictures of your car on the Zoomcar platform. It is an AI driven app which allows for you to click the best possible pictures and guides you on the whole process. 

How will this help me earn more?

When a Guest sees actual pictures of your car, they find it much more appealing and are more likely to book it. A simple analogy is when we rent a flat, we want to see the actual pictures of it before even looking at the flat. 

Where can I find this App?

This is an application which you can download directly from here or from the burger menu on the top left of the Zoomcar Host App. 

How do I use this App?

After you have downloaded the application, simply login and follow the instructions on how to upload the pictures of your car. 

What if the pictures are not up to the mark?

In case the pictures are not up to the mark and get rejected, you will get an automated SMS about the same. In such a case, you must re-upload the pictures of your car while following the instructions properly.

By when do I have to upload the pictures?

You must upload the pictures before the 15th of September, 2022

Following the proper procedure and uploading pictures of your car will ensure that you can maximize your revenue multi-fold. 

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Happy Hosting.

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