They said it couldn’t be done. Self-drive in India. Well, after exactly three years in operation, we know times have changed. Zoomcar is proud to be India’s first and largest self-drive car rental service, now spanning across 7 cities with a fleet of nearly 2,000 cars. We absolutely could not have done it without, our loyal Bangalore customer! It’s been an incredible ride and we thought that there’s no better way to celebrate three years in style than by giving back to the very Bangalore community that helped nurture us through those difficult early days.

we turned three

In the spirit of making self-drive even easier, I’m now pleased to extend a limited time offer whereby Zoomcar will charge zero deposit for 100% of all bookings originating from Bangalore! This will apply to both new and existing customers, across all vehicle types and all locations (for station pickup or doorstep delivery). If you make any booking here in Bangalore, you will not have to worry about our standard Rs 5,000 deposit.

You might be asking how will I clear any outstanding km or damage charges without the deposit? Well, fear not since we will ensure that you can make payment immediately upon returning the vehicle, either through a quick and handy online payment link or via cash. Our friendly executive will assist you in this process to ensure you don’t waste any time at the end of your epic self-drive journey.

With your help, we are confident the next 3 years of self-drive will be even better. We look forward to seeing you out there on the ever-improving Bangalore roads!


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