Zoom in for an eco-friendly new year resolution

New year resolutions are usually personal and rarely extend beyond our individual objectives. ZoomCar along with IChangeMyCity, a hyper-local social change network, now presents a very unique initiative #MyCleanBangalore. It gives Bangalore residents an opportunity to make slightly different resolutions this year, the eco-friendly ones.


Own Your Adventure

The initiative #MyCleanBangalore is all about creating awareness among the citizens about the importance of basic necessities  like clean air, car-pooling, garbage disposal, traffic regulation, and reduced pollution. We are encouraging people to take a pledge that they will be more responsible towards their environment in the coming year.

To achieve this, we are going to cover one of our eco-friendly cars, Mahindra E2O in white and drive it across the city. We are encouraging people to write their eco-friendly new year resolutions on the car. Think on how you are planning to help the environment and make the world a better place in the new year.

The initiative stems from the angst the team felt at the environmental turmoil that presently plagues our cities. Why should we wait till the point of no return? Why should we allow Traffic congestion and pollution to make citizens victims of chronic ailments. We want people to realize that the city is our home, and we have to go that extra mile to protect and save it.

We will start the week-long campaign from December 21, 2015 where it will be flagged off from Traffic Commissior office at infantry road. We will cover corporate campuses, colleges, and malls. After pledging we would ask people to write about their pledges on Facebook and Twitter using #MyCleanBangalore as well.

After the week of campaigning, the will get in touch with some of the citizens with really unique resolution ideas and help them in fulfilling the same.

So, look out for a White with Green colored E2O car this Christmas week, share your eco-friendly new year resolutions and contribute in making your city better.

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