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Zoomcar host lets car owners share their cars with others to rent and drive. In this process, Zoomcar host earns money based on the duration their car is rented out by someone. Zoomcar equips your cars with keyless entry and IOT devices to make the car sharing experience seamless and secure.


3 Simple steps to Start Earning with your car in 24 hours

  1. Sign up for Free!
    1. Become part of the Zoomcar Host program for absolutely free by filling up a short form after sign-up. It takes less than 2 mins to fill the form. No hidden charges.
  2. Get your Car Health Checked!
    1. Once we receive your details, our expert visits your location to assess your vehicle, and install safety devices in it to ensure complete safety of your car. It all happens in 24 hours
  3. Share and Earn
    1. Share your car through the Zoomcar Host app whenever you are not using it. Flexiblilty in sharing, share as much or as less as you like. Your weekly earnings get credited directly to your bank account!


How we protect your car

  • We cover major damages & repair
    • Zoomcar provides damage cover and repair handling in case of an unlikely incident of a major accident during the sharing period/ when your car is on a booking.
  • Your Car Stays in Safe Hands!
    • All our renters are verified individuals with valid Driving license, and have excellent driving stats in the past on our platform. We have complete contact and address details of all our renters.
  • Contactless sharing
    • Our Keyless technology enables contactless pick-up & drop of your car.
  • Flexibility in sharing
    • Share your car whenever you want, as per your usage and convenience
  • 24 x 7 customer support
    • Call us, Chat with us, drop an Email to us, we’ve got your back round the clock!


Sign up at https://www.zoomcar.com/zap/subscribe/host


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