Zoomcar launches PEDL – Your new fitness buddy!


Dear Zoomer,

Own Your Adventure

At Zoomcar, our belief in the sharing economy is at the core of our hyper-local urban mobility vision for India.  This deeply felt belief spawned India’s first self-drive car sharing service in 2013.

From the very beginning, Zoomcar understood that India will require more than just cars to redefine urban mobility.  While we continue to exponentially grow the self-drive car market in India, we’re now extremely pleased to kick off the next phase in our urban mobility roadmap.  This month, we bring to you, PEDL, India’s first private cycle sharing service.  It’s only fitting that PEDL kicks off in Bangalore, the place where our self-drive vision first began.

With PEDL, we’re adding an element of last-mile convenience and fitness into the lives of Bangaloreans.  We’re offering our cycle sharing services across certain residential societies, corporate office parks, universities, and select layouts.

With Zoomcar, rest assured, cycling is now once again sexy!  For many of you, the last time on a cycle may have been in 8th or 9th standard.  Well, we’re confident that PEDL’s unmatched convenience and flexibility will help you to recapture that feeling of a cycle in your everyday life.

In our endeavor to make cycles even more accessible, we have increased the number of pickup locations across Bangalore. We’ve also increased our fleet of cycles, making it easier for you to PEDL off in our lean green machine today! Your body and Bangalore’s air will both thank you…….

Still thinking? PEDL comes without any security deposit, priced at just ₹10 /hour. You can visit our nearest location and PEDL off by making the payment via PayTM. Your very own cycle in just a few seconds!  To locate cycles around you, visit www.pedl.in.

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