Zoomcar Monsoon Getaway Photo Contest

The Zoomcar Monsoon Getaway Photo contest was held in July and was flooded by entries comprising pictures of people enjoying the beautiful weather with loved ones and friends. This experience had us floored, and made us really glad, knowing that we were also partly responsible for all the joy and the happiness.

The winner of the Zoomcar Monsoon Photo contest was the picture that got the maximum online votes which turned out to be “Zoom … the real DHOOM”. The person who posted it was Chinni Snehith who was awarded the grand prize on bagging 358 votes. He was not just rewarded a Mahindra SUV free for 3 days, but he also got to spend 3 awesome days and nights with a partner, in a Club Mahindra Resort, all on us, of course!

Own Your Adventure

Grand Prize

“Zoom … the real DHOOM”.

We are just so happy to see that we are part of your family vacations and romantic escapades, adventures with friends and solo dates with your own beautiful souls. We know that somehow, we have added a little bit of zing to your lives with Zoom, and this is what we always wanted to do!

Apart from the grand prize, also on offer were 10 other prizes which amounted to 1 free day with each one of our 10 cars. The highest-voted photo of each of our 10 types of cars won a free full day with that car. We are very pleased to announce our winners, and this is where you get a look at our winning photographs.


Ford Figo: 314 votes
“PeppY FigO DriFted TreMeNdoUslY ThRouGhouT MonSooN By Super-Miller
PeppY FigO DriFted Tre
Volkswagen Vento: 247 votes
“ZooM VolksWagen On Mysore Road TowarDs OoTy”
ZooM VolksWagen On Mysore Road
BMW 3-Series: 96 votes
“First anniversary celebration and Zoom made it special with BMW 320D. ”
First anniversary celebration
Mahindra Scorpio: 87 votes

Ford EcoSport: 83 votes
“Zoomed all the way to lavasa in EcoSport”

Zoomed all the
Tata Safari: 81 votes
“Offroad ride with the red monster”

Offroad ride with the re
Mercedes A-Class: 80 votes
“Zoom in on a zoom…The real A class experience!!!”

Zoom in on a zoom...
Mahindra XUV: 78 votes
“Escalate ur Adrenaline Rush….with the ferocious ZOOM XUV 5OO !!….”
Escalate ur Adrenaline Rush

Honda City: 71 votes
“Zooming in with….”the other gf”…

Zooming in with

Mahindra REVA E2O: 7 votes
“Fun on road…”

Fun on road


Keep sending us your pictures of all the fun that you are having with our Zoom cars, and we will keep rewarding you for being a part of the Zoom family. If you have still not tried out any of our cars, the time to do so has come now.

With our Mercedes A Class being available for Rs. 165 an hour, it is time you took out that special person in your life for a special ride. Pay Rs. 195 an hour to impress a client in a BMW 3 Series. Or just go ahead and give your family the road trip of all road trips in one of our SUVs—The Ecosport, The XUV 500, the Scorpio or the Safari staring at Rs. 100 per hour. And people, all these include fuel as well. So go ahead and Zoom off to your favourite destinations!


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