Ahmedabad to Mount Abu by Road : Highlights, Distance & Travel Tips

Ahmedabad, a city steeped in history and culture, serves as the gateway to a multitude of fascinating destinations. Among these, the road trip from Ahmedabad to Mount Abu stands out as an enchanting journey that seamlessly blends the rustic charm of the road with the serene beauty of Mount Abu. This scenic route promises a perfect escapade for those seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Distance and Route:

places to visit in mount abu

The distance from Ahmedabad to Mount Abu by road spans approximately 220 kilometers, offering a delightful drive through the heart of Gujarat. Embarking on this adventure, you’ll witness the landscape transform from the bustling cityscape of Ahmedabad to the picturesque vistas that characterize the journey to Mount Abu by road. The preferred route takes you through the Ahmedabad-Palanpur Highway and the State Highway 41, promising a smooth and enjoyable drive.

Highlights along the Way:

Om Shanti Bhawan Brahma Kumaris Temple

As you hit the road from Ahmedabad, make sure to soak in the diverse experiences that await you. The Mount Abu Road or locally known as Ahmedabad to Abu road, a pivotal point on this journey, offers a blend of cultural and natural attractions. Among the places to visit in Mount Abu is the famous Brahma Kumari’s Global Peace Hall, where tranquility and spirituality converge.

For those with an inclination towards history, a visit to the nearby Ambaji Temple adds a spiritual touch to the road trip. The temple’s architectural grandeur and serene surroundings make it a perfect pitstop for spiritual rejuvenation.

Self-Drive Convenience:

To truly savor the road trip experience, consider opting for a Zoomcar self drive car rental in Ahmedabad. This provides the flexibility to explore the hidden gems along the way at your own pace. Several rental services in Ahmedabad offer a diverse fleet of vehicles, allowing you to choose the perfect companion for your journey to Mount Abu.

Scenic Beauty of Mount Abu:

As you approach Mount Abu, the landscape undergoes a breathtaking transformation. Nestled in the Aravalli Range, Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan, offering a refreshing change from the usual desert terrain. The cool climate and lush greenery make it a popular retreat, especially during the scorching summer months.

Tourist Places Near Abu Road:

abu road tourist places

Abu Road, serving as the gateway to Mount Abu, boasts its own set of attractions. The Abu road tourist places include the Achalgarh Fort, with its historical significance and panoramic views, is a testament to the region’s rich heritage. The trek to the Guru Shikhar, the highest point in the Aravalli Range, promises an adventurous experience with rewarding views of the surrounding landscapes.

Places to Visit in Mount Abu:

Mount Abu Jain temples

Upon reaching Mount Abu, a plethora of attractions awaits the avid traveler. The Dilwara Jain Temples, renowned for their intricate marble carvings, stand as a testament to the architectural brilliance of the past. Nakki Lake, surrounded by hills and legends, provides a tranquil setting for boating and relaxation.

Best Places to Eat in Mount Abu:

After a day of exploration, indulge your taste buds in the culinary delights that Mount Abu has to offer. From local Rajasthani cuisine to global flavors, the hill station caters to diverse palates. The local markets are dotted with stalls offering mouth-watering street food, allowing you to savor the essence of the region.

In sum, embarking on a road trip from Ahmedabad to Mount Abu by car unveils a tapestry of experiences that blend culture, spirituality, and natural beauty. The convenience of self-drive, coupled with the diverse attractions along the way, makes this journey a must for those seeking a rejuvenating escape.

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