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About Kerala

Kerala, also known as the “Aryuvedic Capital of the World”, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in all of India, and is a state with an ancient history. It is a state with a long history of spice and agricultural trade, and is also known for its biodiversity and exotic animals. Today, it is one of India’s most populated states, and has the lowest illiteracy rate in India.  

For most tourists, Kerala is known for it’s sandy beaches, backwaters, coconuts, tea estates, and tropical forests, but to the people of Kerala it is known for it’s culture, nature, and art. The ancient martial art form of “Kalaripayatt” originated in Kerala, as well as the traditional Indian dance “Kathakali”. Take a boat onto the backwaters of Kerala to see where it all began.  

If you are a fan of herbal remedies and natural cures, Kerala is the place for you. In fact, Kerala is the only state in India that practices this system of medicine with unwavering dedication. Of the 4000 plant species in Kerala, 900 are known to have medicinal properties, but that number is expected to be much higher. These plants have been used for centuries for their medicinal properties, and are readily available at many small shops throughout Kerala. However, make sure to shop around before purchasing anything to get a sense of what the herbs should cost.

Rent an SUV if you have a big group and want to explore Kerala at your own pace, or rent a Figo or Vento if you have a small group and want to have a more intimate experience.

If you don't own a car or don't want to take your own car, then Zoom has several options for you to consider:
Hatchback : Take our Ford Figo ZXI for flexibility in your travels. Whether you want to visit beaches or backwaters, the Figo gives you freedom to explore Kerala however you want.
Sedans : Zoom with Volkswagen Vento or BMW 320d if you want to ride around Kerala in style. These cars are great if you have a small group or are with your significant other.
SUV : If you are going with a big group, the mighty Scorpio can handle all of your seating needs. No need to worry about cramped rides and no leg space, the Scorpio has room for all.

All Zoom cars come with the following: -
- All-inclusive tariff which includes fuel, comprehensive insurance and taxes.
- A 3G enabled tablet, which makes navigation a breeze.
- No deposit required to Zoom off.

Places To Visit

In order to get the most out of your experience, rent a car from Zoom so that you have the freedom to explore Kerala as you please. No need to negotiate with rickshaw drivers or walk for miles, you can drive however and wherever you want.   Here are three of the best places to visit in Kerala:  

Kerala Backwaters:
One of the most relaxing things to do in Kerala is take a trip in a houseboat along the backwaters. Many houses will offer freshly cooked meals and cold beer on board which makes the trip that much more tranquil. If you so choose, staying the night on the backwaters is also an option!

Fort Kochi:
Known as the “Gateway to Kerala”, Kochi is one of the most visited destinations in all of Kerala. The best way to see Kochin is to rent a boat and take a relaxing cruise on the waters with views of fishing nets, lakeside houses, and exotic animals. The nearby streets are also some of the best in India for buying souvenirs or unique gifts for friends and family.

Varkala Beach:
If beaches and breathtaking views are what you desire, look no further. A paved footpath runs along the length of the cliff, allowing visitors to get a truly unforgettable view of the Arabian Sea while walking past coconut trees, small shops, guest houses and restaurants. It’s no wonder that Varkala Beach has been consistently named one of the best beaches in India.

Insiders Tip: Try the orange coconuts….delicious!

Best Time To Visit

If you want to avoid the hot weather and monsoon season, the best time of year to visit is between late November and mid February.