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About Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal means “The Gift of the Forest” in Tamil, and it definitely lives up to this name with it’s breathtaking forests and scenic views. Also known as the “Princess of Hill stations”, Kodaikanal has a long history as a weekend getaway and tourist destination. Venture to Kodaikanal if trekking and nature is what you crave.  

Kodaikanal was established in 1845 as a refuge from the high temperatures and tropical diseases of the plains. It’s economy is based on the tourism industry, meaning there are tons of great places to stay…but only if you know where to look. Many of the best options are homestays; so make sure to put in your research before selecting where you want to stay. Many places will offer meals included in the price, so if a home cooked meal is what you crave, Kodaikanal might be the place for you.  

Due to it’s high elevation, the temperatures are cool throughout the year in Kodaikanal. The peak season is from April to June, but Kodaikanal can be enjoyed any time of year. Famous for it’s snow-like clouds and fog, the combination of cool temperatures, scenic views, and eerie fog make Kodaikanal the perfect nature retreat for anyone craving to get out of the city.

Rent an SUV if you have a big group and crave the nature and trekking Kodaikanal has to offer, or rent a Figo or Vento to take a nice relaxing drive through the hills and valley’s of this picturesque landscape.

If you don't own a car or don't want to take your own car, then Zoom has several options for you to consider:
Hatchback : Take our Ford Figo ZXI for flexibility in your travels. Whether you want to go trekking or relax by the lake, the Figo gives you freedom to explore Kodaikanal however you want.
Sedans : Zoom with Volkswagen Vento or BMW 320d if you want to ride around Kodaikanal in style. These cars are great if you have a small group or are with your significant other.
SUV : If you are going with a big group, the mighty Scorpio can handle all of your seating needs. No need to worry about cramped rides and no leg space, the Scorpio has room for all.

All Zoom cars come with the following: -
- All-inclusive tariff which includes fuel, comprehensive insurance and taxes.
- A 3G enabled tablet, which makes navigation a breeze.
- No deposit required to Zoom off.

Places To Visit

In order to get the most out of your experience, rent a car from Zoom so that you have the freedom to explore Kodaikanal as you please. No need to negotiate with rickshaw drivers or walk for miles, you can drive however and wherever you want.

Here are my three favorite destinations from Kodaikanal:  

Kodaikanal Lake:
The most recognizable tourist destinations in all of Kodaikanal, this artificial star-shaped lake is the first place you must visit on a trip to Kodaikanal. Rent a rowboat or pedalboat from the Kodaikanal boat club if you want to spend some time on the open water, or rent a horse or bicycle if you want to explore the surrounding area.

Bryant Park:
Just east of the lake is a fantastic botanical garden that is over 20 acres large. It has over 325 different species of trees, shrubs, and cactuses, and is a rainbow of colors during peak season. There is also one section dedicated solely to roses, containing roughly 740 different species. There is a small fee to enter the park and it is open year-round.

Coaker’s Walk:
If a view of the scenic valleys is what you crave, look no further.  If you want to avoid the snow-like clouds and fog, make sure to get there before 2PM, and if you want an extra special Kodai-experience, get there for the sunrise early in the morning. On a clear day you can view as far as Dolphin’s nose in the south, the valley of Pambar River in the southeast, and even the city of Madurai! Moreover, a rare natural phenomenon called the “Broken Spectre” can sometimes be witnessed, when a person can see his shadow on the clouds with a rainbow halo!

Insiders Tip: When exploring the town make sure to try some of the home-made chocolates!

Best Time To Visit

The best time for visiting Kodaikanal is September to May. Winter months can be quite cold but are a great way to spend your honeymoon if that’s what you desire.