Bangalore to Melukote Taxi / Cab Services

About Melukote

Melukote is the perfect place to spend the weekend if you are craving peace and tranquility. An ancient town littered with priests wearing dhotis, Melukote is full of history and culture dating back hundreds of years. Famous for it’s celebrations on the eve of Vairamudi, every year over a lakh people visit to take part in the celebrations.  

Regardless of how you like to travel, Melukote offers tons to see and do. Craving a relaxing day with some culture? Stroll leisurely throughout the town and take in the sights. Are ancient temples your cup of tea? Check out the Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple. Are you a foodie? Melukote is famous for their Puliyogare, a South Indian food made with rice, tamarind, and ground nuts…delish! Whether you want to relax and stuff your face with Puliyogare or visit temples, Melukote has something for everyone.  

Rent a car from Zoom and arrive in Melukote with ease! It is roughly 140km from Bangalore to Melukote, and the easiest way to arrive is by using our GPS. Plug in the coordinates and let the GPS do all of the hard work for you! Get there faster than with a bus or train and stop at your own convenience.

Rent an SUV if you have a big group or rent a sedan such as the Vento or Ford Figo if you have a smaller group or are with your significant other.

If you don't own a car or don't want to take your own car, then Zoom has several options for you to consider:
Hatchback : Take our Ford Figo ZXI for flexibility in your travels. Whether you want to relax and eat or go on a temple run, the Figo gives you freedom to explore Melukote however you want.
Sedans : Zoom with Volkswagen Vento or BMW 320d if you want to ride around Melukote in style. These cars are great if you have a small group or are with your significant other.
SUV : If trekking is what you crave, the mighty Scorpio is all yours to explore the unexplored. No need to worry about steep uphill climbs or rough terrain, the Scorpio can handle it all. The Scorpio is especially good if you are with a large group of people.

All Zoom cars come with the following: -
- All-inclusive tariff which includes fuel, comprehensive insurance and taxes.
- A 3G enabled tablet, which makes navigation a breeze.
- No deposit required to Zoom off.

Places To Visit

In order to get the most out of your experience, rent a car from Zoom so that you have the freedom to explore Melukote as you please. No need to negotiate with rickshaw drivers or walk for kilometers, you can drive however and wherever you want.  

Here are three things to see and do in Melukote: 

Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple:
Easily the most widely known tourist destination in Melukote, this temple is a must see for any history lover. It is believed that this temple was worshipped by both Lord Rama and Krishna, and is one of the only temples in all of India that can make this claim. Come for the history, stay for the unique architechture!

Yoganarasimha Temple:
This is easily the most iconic of all the temples in Melukote. Sitting atop the hill in the town, it is easily noticeable from anywhere nearby. There is a large pond and multiple shrines to see.

Melkote Temple Wildlife Sanctuary
: This wildlife sanctuary is one of the only in India that was created for the purpose of housing wolves. There are also Jungle Cats, Leopards, Langurs, and Pangolins as well. Moreover, it is one of the most diverse homes to birds, housing more than 200 species!

Insiders Tip: Make sure to check out Melukote during Vairamudi Brahmotsava!

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Melukote is during the Vairamundi festival, held during the months of March and April.