Self Drive Car From Pune To Alibaug

About Alibaug

A combination of serene beaches, lush groves, historical forts and spiritual temples, Alibaug has a lot to offer to everyone. If you are in the fray for a calm weekend retreat from Pune, head out to Alibaug. With a driving distance of less than 150 kilometres from Pune, Alibaug is the ideal idyllic retreat for those who want a break from their fast paced lives. 

The best way to explore Alibaug is by car, since this not only gives you the freedom to venture out as and when you please, but also the convenience to search for secluded nooks and corners in the “Goa of Maharashtra”. Self-driven cars are the best mode of transport in any beach town, since they let you find and explore roads that lead to secluded beaches away from the tourist crowd. Since Alibaug is less than 3 hours away from Pune, the drive is long enough to be enjoyable and short enough so that it does not get tiresome.

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Places To Visit

Become A Beach Body: Alibaug is surrounded by the sea on three sides, and boasts of beautiful beaches. The best part is that Alibaug is not as crowded as other beach destinations, and it is generally easy to find a secluded spot on the beach to call your own. While Mandwa is all unspoiled white sand, Kihim is the one surrounded by lush greenery offering sights of rare flowers, birds and butterflies. In fact Kihim and Akshi beaches are awesome treats for birdwatchers, boasting of a wide variety of birds all year round. Right down the stretch from Akshi is the Aagaon beach, which offers options for parasailing and jet skiing. 

Sail To The Forts:
A little distance away from the shore at Alibaug lies the last fort that Shivaji built during his reign. The beauty of the highly sculpted Kolaba Fort is that it lies on an island that is accessible by foot only during low tide. If you are up for it, you can also go by a horse drawn carriage or simply hire a boat during high tide to visit the fort. Other island forts worth a visit are the Khanderi and Undheri forts which lie about 4km from the shore and can be reached only by boats.

Play Temple Run: 
For a spiritual journey and a physical workout, head up the 5000 stairs leading to the Kanakeshwar temple. The journey towards this Shiva temple is enthralling, with various sites like the Nagoba Rest, Brahma Kund, Jambhali Plateau and the Nandi greeting you. This 18th century temple houses intricate miniature idols that make the hour long trek worthwhile. The main temple complex houses various smaller temples like the Hanuman temple, Paleshwar temple and the Krishna temple.

Insider’s tip: History buffs can visit Chaul, a small town 15 kilometres away that boasts of Buddhist Caves, Portuguese ruins and other historical buildings.

Best Time To Visit

Visit Alibag from November to July when the temperature reaches about 14°C and the weather is conducive enough to relax on the beaches. Avoid the rainy season from August to October as the frequent downpours might hamper sightseeing.