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This Holi, Join Zoomcar’s ‘Colours of Life’ Initiative to Spread Some Festive Cheer

This festival of colours, Zoomcar in association with Coolwinks, presents ‘Colours of Life’.

Holi is the festival of colours, the time when people come together to bask in the relentless enthusiasm, joy and frolic of festivities.

However, there are so many people across the country who are unable to enjoy the festival or soak in its beauty due to the mere fact that they are partially or fully visually impaired, or simply because they cannot afford spectacles for improved vision. They do not get the chance to experience the visual display of vibrant emotions, colours and activities.

A study by a leading global health journal, revealed that 8.8 million people in India were found to be blind in 2015 and another 47.7 million people had moderate and severe vision impairment. How many of us are really aware of this heart-wrenching fact or have tried to do our bit to extend help to this section of our community?

Colours of Life is an initiative by Zoomcar that aims to bring vision to the disadvantaged people who are vision impaired. We encourage you, our Zoomcar fraternity, to join us this Holi to add some colours to the lives of these people.

How do you go about donating? It’s simple.

Dates of Collection – 28th February – 12th March 2018

Locations – Zoomcar parking lots across all cities

Your discarded spectacles may truly be a blessing to someone and help them enjoy the sight of the sparkling sun, the lovely colours of the flowers and the beauty of the world around us.

Here’s your chance to join us in our effort to spread the festive joy and love. Join us in a celebration that matters for it will truly change the life of a few.