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8 Steps to be a Better Zoomcar Member

Zoomcar needs your help building our community. Please be mindful of all Zoomcar members. Remember, how you treat your Zoomcar vehicle effects the person who has the next reservation. Here are some guidelines to make sure that everybody has a great experience Zooming!

Be Smart

Use the key and lock the car every time you leave. Be sure to take the key whenever you leave the vehicle.

Be Safe

Obey the traffic laws. Don't drive recklessly. Don't drink and drive. Don't use your phone while driving. Always wear your seatbelt.

Be Respectful

Return the car on time. Return the car to the same place you picked it up. Notify Zoomcar immediately if you’re running late so that we can make arrangements for the next member.

Be Clean

Pick up after yourself. No smoking or chewing tobacco. Don’t use incense or other similar products. No animals in the vehicles. If you do spill food or drink in the vehicle, please notify the attendant so he can make sure the vehicle is clean for the next member.

Be Aware

Check the vehicle for any of your personal belongs. Don’t forget your phone or house keys in the car!

Be Responsible

Don't leave the lights on when the car is off. Don't drive with the parking brake on. Don't use the car to haul or tow anything that could damage the vehicle. Don’t drive in areas that are too rough for the vehicle.

Be Mindful

Only Zoomcar members are allowed to drive Zoomcar vehicles. Members are covered by our robust insurance policy, but non-members drivers will not be covered. In case anything goes wrong, the Zoomcar member who made the reservation is fully responsible.

Be in Touch

If there are any problems with the car, if you get a traffic or parking ticket, or if you get in an accident, immediately call us. We’re here 24x7 to serve our community.