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Self Drive Car Rental in Nagpur

Self Drive Cabs in Nagpur

The Zoomcar Change: Owning and driving a car has become the necessity of the present time. There are times when one must pass up the pleasure of owning a car due to various circumstances, but there is no reason put up with the inconvenience of public transport due to that limitation. Zoomcar offers self-drive cars are competitive rates to anyone who holds a valid driving license. If you are new to Nagpur and looking for self drive Cabs services in Nagpur, then Zoomcar is the most convenient option. In comparison to conventional cab services in Nagpur, Zoomcar offers more comfortable and convenient self-drive options. Bookings are much simpler and can be conveniently made using easy to use apps.

What Zoomcar Offers?

Self-Drive cars versus Cabs in Nagpur:Zoomcar has brought a revolution by offering affordable self-drive cabs. One can book cab online using a Zoomcar app for a comfortable and affordable driving experience. Home to historical landmarks, fragrant orange orchards, and a booming modern culture which carefully protects traditions, Nagpur is a city which is best explored a one's own pace in a comfortable self-drive car.

The Zoomcar Advantage

We simplified car rentals, so you can focus on what's important to you.


Self-Drive cabs give you the freedom to be your own boss.


Don't let a stranger be part of your
private conversations!


Self-Drive cabs are cheaper than a car with driver.


No more compromise on comfort.
Self-drive means an extra sheet.


Our Cars are maintained regularly ensuring youe safe 'n'sound trip.

24x7 Roadside Assistance

We have round-the-clock, pan India assistance.

A Car for Every Need

We have a range of cars, so something will perfectly fit your trip

How Zoomcar Works

Drive yourself to an adventure and back in 5 simple steps



Search for and book a car on our site!

Upload License

Upload License

Upload your driver’s license, and pay a small security deposit.



We SMS your car details 20 minutes before pickup.
Unlock it via the Zoomcar app.



Fill the start checklist in the Zoomcar app. Grab the keys from the glove-box and drive.



Return the car to the same location and fill the end checklist to end your trip.

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