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FAQs Zap Policies

Drive. Share. Earn!

The average car is used only 10% of the time. With ZAP you can buy a new car and earn from it when you are not driving it.

Upgrade Your Car

Let ZAP pay for the difference in EMI

Make Your Car Smart

Monitor your car through our ZAP app

Share Without Hassle

List and earn with one tap on the ZAP app

What Is ZAP
ZAP enables you to register your new car with Zoomcar, list it on our platform whenever you want, get bookings from our huge customer base and earn cash to help offset your monthly ownership costs.
List when you want
Earn By Sharing
Safe And Secure
Save The Environment

Revenue Calculator

Calculate how low can you bring the EMI and the cost of ownership for the car you put on ZAP

How ZAP Works

List your car on the ZAP app when you are not using it

by entering start time, end time and pickup location.

Your car receives bookings from Zoomcar users

You receive notifications before the booking starts with all booking details.

The user unlocks your car using the Zoomcar app and zooms away

Our onboard device ensures that only the authorized user can unlock the car.

The cutting-edge Zoomcar device monitors your car health and other vital parameters

Be assured of your cars health with data on mileage and component condition.

Review and approve the drop-off checklist

Once the user completes his booking, you review the car condition to release the user deposit.

You can track your earnings per booking on the ZAP app

See a detailed breakup of all your revenue and costs at any point in time.

Zoomcar In Numbers
ZAP is built on the expertise of Zoomcar, India's largest self drive car rental service.

Watch our video presentation

First things first, we would recommend you to watch the presentation by our CEO, Greg Moran explaining every detail about ZAP program.

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