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ZAP Subscribe Pricing & Eligibility
  • Users may choose and enable Instapay by paying ₹1 with ₹14,999 Security deposit. Instapay is enabled for the complete subscription tenure assuring a hassle free payment experience. The first advance payment & the security deposit would be deducted within 30 minutes of the user opting for InstaPay as two separate transactions.
  • Users are required to pay a security deposit to confirm their request for ZAP Subscribe. Security deposit once paid, is non-refundable in case the user chooses to cancel the ZAP Subscription before delivery or if the user terminates without serving the notice period.
  • For a user to receive the car, he must upload a clear copy of his valid Driving License issued by any Indian state, his PAN card and Cancelled Cheque. These documents will be validated by the Zoomcar team to determine the eligibility of the user.
Car Delivery
  • Before the car delivery, the user must upload a clear copy of his valid Driving License issued by any Indian state, his PAN card and Cancelled Cheque. These documents will be validated by the Zoomcar team to determine the eligibility of the user.
  • The exact timeline will be communicated to the user once the advance subscription fee is paid and all the required documents have been uploaded and verified by the Zoomcar team.
  • Subscribed car is delivered between 7 to 10 days basis the available inventory.
Maintenance Policy
  • Zoomcar will bear the cost of all scheduled and unscheduled servicing and maintenance of the car up to the prescribed limit (₹1 per km for hatchback cars and ₹1.25 per km for SUVs and Sedan). Please check your subscription agreement copy for more details.
  • Any amount, over and above the prescribed limit, will have to be borne by the subscriber which will be added to the monthly subscription fee by Zoomcar at the time of raising the monthly invoice.
  • The subscriber will have to intimate Zoomcar of any maintenance work done on the car in advance by sharing original bills using the Help Centre on the ZAP App. Any unintimated work done on the car will be outside the purview of this maintenance policy.
  • The calculation for the total maintenance cost will be based on cumulative km run during the tenure of the subscription.
  • The maintenance policy doesn’t cover costs pertaining to car cleaning (other than scheduled servicing), tyre punctures and any consequential damage caused by the user.
Minimum Guarantee
  • If a zapper shares the vehicle other than EVs on ZAP platform for minimum 20 days (including all weekends) in a particular calendar month, then the zapper is eligible for a minimum guarantee of Rs. 5,000/- as sharing revenue for the given calendar month
  • If a zapper lists an EV for minimum 20 days (including all weekends) on ZAP platform, he is eligible to receive a minimum guarantee of 5K per month
  • Zoomcar will raise the monthly invoice in the first week of every month. The user needs to pay the due amount within 5 days of raising the invoice failing which the user would be charged 300 per day of late fee.
  • Post follow up from Zoomcar team for 5 days, if the subscriber fails to pay any such due amount, Zoomcar reserves the sole right to immobilize, take the vehicle back and the subscriber shall be liable for any additional fees for the inconvenience caused.
    • In addition, the subscriber shall forfeit the security deposit amount despite being higher than the outstanding amount and any unbilled revenue share (for the time the car was listed and hasn't been invoiced).
  • If the subscriber has earned more than subscription fee in any month then the amount will be credited by 10th of every month.
  • Any amount owed to the subscriber by Zoomcar, for the time the user decides to share the car on our platform will be adjusted against the invoice amount. For more details, please visit the FAQs here
Accident Policy
  • The liability of the subscriber for any damage caused due to an accident is capped at ₹10,000 per incident. For more details, please visit this link
  • Zoomcar will bear 100% of the accident cost if the accident is caused by a Zoomcar customer during a booking (when the user has listed the car on Zoomcar platform for sharing the car).
  • The subscriber would be deemed responsible for any damage to the car by anyone other than a Zoomcar customer (during a booking allocated when the car is listed on the platform). In such a case, the liability of the subscriber would be capped at 10K. Please note that the downtime guarantee would not be provided for the time the car is in the garage due to such damages.
Referral Policy
  • Benefit - both referrer and referee will get the referral bonus as applicable at the time when referee registers for ZAP Subscribe.
  • Who can avail? The referrer should be an active ZAP user, i.e. ZAP Subscribe user, ZAP Purchase car owner, Zoomvest car owner. The benefits can only be availed on successful conversion of the referee and would be added with the next month's payout as referral bonus for both the referrer and the referee If the referrer is not an active ZAP user, the bonus will only be given to the referee.
  • The referrer will not get the referral bonus if the referee is in the notice period or has terminated his/her subscription.
  • For the time that a car is in workshop due to an accident caused by a Zoomcar customer during a booking, Zoomcar will waive off the subscription fee of the user on pro-rata basis rounded down to the number of days the car is in the workshop. Subscription fee waiver will only become effective if the car is in the workshop for more than 24 hours.
  • There is a fair usage policy for kilometres driven during the program. The user can drive up to 4,000 km per month under this policy.
  • Standard Zoomcar policy would apply to all the users. For more details, please visit here.
  • The subscriber can't change the car under the existing subscription agreement. In case, such a change is required, the subscriber will have to subscribe for a new car through www.zapsubscribe.com and the policies at that point in time would be applicable to for the new subscription.
Canceling or Rescheduling a Subscription
  • Zoomcar reserves the right to cancel any ZAP subscription at its sole discretion with only consequence to return the actual amount collected at the time of the creation of Zap subscription subject to the availability of the vehicle.
  • Associate shall have the right to list the Vehicle on the Zoomcar platform as per his/her desire.
  • Each such listing (a "Listing") shall have a defined start time (the "Start Time") and end time (the "End Time") (such period from the Start Time to the End Time being called the "Listing Period") and choice of Designated Parking Location (as specified below). Listing can be created from ZAP App.
  • Associate shall ensure the availability of the Vehicle at the Designated Parking Location for bookings during a Listing.
  • In case the vehicle is used by the associate for personal use during an active listing, an inconvenience fee of Rs.2000 shall be charged to the zapper if an allocated booking is impacted and Rs.1000 shall be charged otherwise.
Minimum Listing Duration and Gap
  • Each Listing Period shall be for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Each Listing shall be created at least 12 hours in advance.
Cancelling or Rescheduling a Listing
  • Associate shall have the right to cancel or reschedule a Listing at any point of time.
  • Charges, as stipulated in section Other Charges, may be applicable on cancellation or rescheduling of a Listing under certain conditions.
Parking of Vehicle
  • The Vehicle shall be parked at Associate’s own location. Associate shall ensure that the Vehicle is parked in a clean, safe and clearly identifiable location (a "Designated Parking Location "). Associate shall have the option of specifying up to 2 Designated Parking Locations within the city limits(as selected at the time of subscription). Associate shall provide Zoomcar detailed directions to the Designated Parking Location(s) for ensuring that our customers are able to find and access the Vehicle. If a Designated parking Location has restricted access, Associate shall ensure that Zoomcar customers are able to access the location for a booking after due notification to the Associate through SMS or phone call.
  • Checklists help us ensure that all information regarding the car, the trip and customer experience are captured so we can serve our Associates and customers better.
  • Associate will be responsible for filling “Car Ready Checklist” within 12 hours of listing start time. If the associate fails to fill it within mentioned timelines, then the associate will be charged a penalty of Rs. 300/- per hour until checklist is filled and the car will not be available for the Zoomcar customers to book.
  • If the Associate fails to fill the checklist within the above stipulated timelines, then the last available information with Zoomcar (for e.g. from the customer checklist) shall be deemed as final for the closure of the booking.
  • Associate shall ensure that the Vehicle has at least 30% fuel at the start of the listing
  • Associate shall be responsible for ensuring that the Vehicle is provided to any customer in a clean condition.
Service & Maintenance
  • In the event the Vehicle meets with an accident while in the possession of Zoomcar’s customers, Zoomcar shall inform Associate of the same and Zoomcar will be responsible for getting the Vehicle repaired and bear all related costs (net of insurance proceeds).
Revenue Share
Revenue Share
  • Zoomcar shall compute the monthly rental of the Vehicle (the "Rental") as follows: Rental = (Revenue Share X Revenue)
    • Revenue Share shall equal 75% for “with fuel” bookings and 60% for “fuel less” bookings, with adjustments as provided elsewhere in the terms & conditions
    • Revenue is the sum of the revenues charged by Zoomcar to its customers for all completed trips in a particular calendar month made on the Vehicle.
    • For the above computation of Revenue, the revenue from customers shall include only the following amounts charged to the Zoomcar customers using the Vehicle:
      • Per hour tariff charged by Zoomcar (excluding any additional charges or penalties applied) for the actual number of hours customers have used the Vehicle (less any discounts given to the customers), and
      • Excess kilometre fee.
  • Note that the Rental calculated as above shall be inclusive of all applicable taxes.
  • Zoomcar shall have the sole right to calculate the Rental and Associate shall not dispute the same.
  • Any payments made to Associate shall be net of deductions for applicable taxes as per prevailing regulations.
  • Zoomcar to cap discount % at 15% for all bookings.
Running Cost
  • Apart from the Rental, there may be other amounts payable by Zoomcar to Associate (or vice versa) in each month. Such amounts are listed out below:
    • Fuel Cost is the sum of all amounts spent by Zoomcar or Zoomcar customers for fueling the Vehicle during the particular calendar month. Such Fuel Cost shall be charged by Zoomcar to Associate on actuals every month (applicable only for “with fuel” bookings).
  • Zoomcar shall have the sole right to calculate the amounts as above and Associate shall not dispute the same.
  • All such amounts chargeable to Associate shall be grossed up for any applicable taxes.
  • If, for a particular calendar month, an amount is payable by Associate to Zoomcar, Zoomcar shall inform Associate of the amount and Associate shall make such payment to Zoomcar within 5 days of intimation of the same.
  • Any payments made to Associate shall be net of deductions for applicable taxes as per prevailing regulations.
  • Zoomcar reserves the right to adjust any amounts payable by Associate to Zoomcar against amounts payable by Zoomcar to Associate, or withhold payments to Associate unless past dues from Associate to Zoomcar are cleared in full.
Associate Facilities
Parking at Zoomcar Site
At certain times, Associate may opt to park the Vehicle at Zoomcar’s site with prior approval of Zoomcar (at Zoomcar’s sole discretion) under the following conditions:
  • Listing Period of at least 5 days
  • Charges of ₹400/day (with number of days of listing being rounded up for such calculation of charges)

Pickup and drop off of the Vehicle from Associate’s Designated Parking Location is included in the above charges.
Car Cleaning
  • If a customer returns the Vehicle in a condition that requires professional cleaning, you can mark the car unclean in the checklist, Zoomcar shall levy a cleaning charge to the customer and the same would be passed on actual in the associate payout
Termination Policy
Termination Policy
  • Zoomcar shall have the sole right to terminate the user immediately in the event of default in the payment of monthly subscription fees.
  • If the termination request is given before 10th then the last day of the same month will be your last subscription day
  • If the termination request is given after 10th then the last day of the subsequent month will be your last subscription day
  • If the user wants to terminate prematurely, then the user will have to give a notice period of 1 month before termination. Do note that, there is a lock-in for every subscription. This means that if a user terminates the agreement prematurely, there will be a foreclosure penalty which would be equal to the one-month applicable subscription fee and rental difference
  • That said, we are sure this question would become irrelevant for you as you would never want to terminate before the scheduled date.
  • Zoomcar has the sole discretion to terminate the Zapper from continuing the Zap program and pick the vehicle back in immediate effect, in the event, it is suspected and found that the vehicle is been used for the commercial purpose during his/her non-listing period.
Other Charges
Cancelling or Rescheduling a Listing
  • The Associate can cancel or reschedule a Listing before and after the “Listing Start Time”, such that the “Listing Start Time” is delayed or “Listing End Time” is preponed.
  • In all such cases the Associate shall be charged an amount between ₹0 to a maximum of ₹2,000 based on the customer booking(s) affected by such cancellation or rescheduling. Associate shall be intimated of such amount prior to cancellation or rescheduling of the Listing.
  • The listing shall be cancelled or rescheduled only post confirmation by the Associate on the ZAP APP.
No Show
If the Vehicle is found to not be available at the Designated Parking Location at the Start Time of any Listing (as per GPS report) or “Car Ready Checklist” is not filled, Associate shall be charged a fee of ₹300/hour up to a maximum fee of ₹3,000.
If Associate does not provide the Vehicle at the Start Time of any Listing Period with at least 30% fuel, an inconvenience charge of ₹250 shall be levied on the Associate.
Associate Behaviour

In connection with your use of or access to the Services you may not, and you agree that you will not, nor advocate, encourage, request, or assist any third party to:

Harm or threaten to harm users of our community, including:
  • "stalk" or harass any other customer or associate of Zoomcar community or collect or store any personally identifiable information about any other member or associate of Zoomcar community other than for purposes of transacting as a Zoomcar customer or associate in accordance with these Terms;
  • Engage in physically or verbally abusive or threatening conduct;
  • Use our Services to transmit, distribute, post, or submit any information concerning any other person or entity, including without limitation, photographs of others without their permission, personal contact information, or credit, debit, calling card, or account numbers;

This zap terms of use (the "terms of use") is an electronic document in terms of the information technology act, 2000 and rules made thereunder and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic documents / records in various statutes as amended by the information technology act, 2000. Please read these terms of use carefully. Your use of zap panel, shall signify your acceptance of these terms of use and your agreement to be legally bound by the same.

Zoomcar India Private Limited ( hereinafter referred to as "Zoomcar" , "Us" or "Our" ) owns, operates and maintains the website located at the URL www.zoomcar.com , its mobile applications and ZAP - panel (the "Zoomcar Platform" ), which facilitates placing the vehicles by Associates for renting to members of Zoomcar, management of such vehicle(s), etc. by Associates ( "Associates", "You", or "Your" ) who have accepted the Lease Agreement with Zoomcar The Associates can access the ZAP - panel through an authorized username and password.

If you are not an Associate, then you are not authorized by Zoomcar to use the ZAP - panel in any manner and Zoomcar shall not be liable or responsible for any consequence arising out of or as a result of your use of the ZAP - panel.

The Terms of Use describe the terms of use and conditions on which Zoomcar offers access to the ZAP - panel to Associates and the services/facilities provided through the ZAP - panel. If You wish to place your vehicle(s) on the Zoomcar Platform, the Terms of Use shall be applicable on You in addition to Lease Agreement as a part of the Zoomcar Platform policies.

Zoomcar may in its sole discretion modify the Terms of Use or any policy hyperlinked to this Terms of Use at any time without any notification to You. Zoomcar may in its sole discretion incorporate any new policy to this Terms of Use at any time without any notification to You. It is Your responsibility to review the Terms of Use from time to time. You will be deemed to have accepted the Terms of Use as amended, if You continue to access and use the Zoomcar Platform and/or ZAP - panel after the amendments are posted on the Zoomcar Platform or ZAP Panel or communicated to You. In case of any contradiction between the Lease Agreement, the Terms of Use and the terms of any other policies issued by Zoomcar, the terms of the Lease Agreement

  • Zoomcar is committed to ensure that the privacy of its members/end customers or other Associates is protected to all possible, reasonable and commercial extent, as their privacy on the internet/website is of the utmost importance to Us. Because You gather certain types of information about Zoomcar’s members/end customers in order to provide the vehicles and maintain the details of such vehicles on Zoomcar Platform, you agree to follow and maintain the privacy norms as listed out in these Terms of Use.
  • By acquiring the information of Zoomcar’s members/end customers or by making use of the facilities provided by the Zoomcar Platform, You hereby consent to not misuse, divulge, share, publish, transfer or distort in any manner whatsoever any or all personal information and non-personal information, shared by the Zoomcar’s members/end customer with You. You further represent and warrant that you shall at all time maintain the confidentiality of such data/information and not share it with any third party.
  • You further agree not to transmit, distribute, post, or submit any information concerning any other person or entity related to Zoomcar or Our members/end customers, including without limitation, their photographs , personal contact information, or credit, debit, calling card, or account numbers without their permission.
  • It is the responsibility of the Associate to ensure that the username and password are secure and protected at all times. You shall be solely responsible and liable for any breach or alleged breach of these Terms of Use due to the misuse or hacking of your account by a third party.
  • You also represent that You will not use the the Zoomcar Platform to:
  • Harass or interfere with the privacy of any members/end customers or other Associates and post false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, or libelous content about member/end customers, any other Associates or Zoomcar;
  • Engage in any disruptive technology-related practices such as spamming, hacking, improper harvesting and use of user information, or distributing viruses or any technology that may harm the Zoomcar Platform, any Associate or members/end customers;
  • Violate any laws, third party rights, or any of Our policies posted on the Zoomcar Platform;
  • Host, display, upload, modify, publish, transmit, update or share any details or information or content including images, video and text, that:
    • Is grossly harmful, harassing, blasphemous defamatory, obscene, pornographic, paedophilic, libellous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically objectionable, disparaging, relating to or encouraging money laundering or gambling, or otherwise unlawful in any manner whatever;
    • Harms any person in any way;
    • Violates any law for the time being in force.
Associate’s Representations
  • By accessing and using the ZAP - panel, You represent to Us that: (a) You are not a minor under applicable laws and You have the authority to enter into legal contracts; and (b) the information You have provided to Zoomcar during the registration process and thereafter, including all information relating to your Vehicle(s), whether or not posted on the ZAP - panel and/or the Zoomcar Platform, is to the best of Your knowledge complete, truthful and accurate.
  • You also represent that You shall:
    • Not while handing over the Vehicle or taking back the Vehicle or dealing with the Zoomcar’s members/end customers, do such acts which are unethical, unprofessional, inappropriate, engage in physically or verbally abusive or threatening conduct or which would in any manner bother or cause any harm, loss or injury (physical, mental, financial or otherwise) to Zoomcar’s members/end customers.
    • Not take from Zoomcar’s members/end customers any form of payment in cash or ask for any other advances in kind.
    • Always deal in a business-like manner with Zoomcar’s members of r.
    • In connection with Your use of or access to the ZAP - panel, You shall not and You agree not to advocate, encourage, request, or assist any third party to:
      • Harm or threaten to harm, Zoomcar’s member/end customers or any other Associate, including "stalk" or harass them, or
      • Collect or store any personally identifiable information except for purposes of transacting in accordance with these Terms of Use;
  • Zoomcar may, at its sole discretion, with immediate effect and without notice, restrict, suspend or terminate Your access to the ZAP - panel and/or Zoomcar Platform, upon your breach or alleged breach of any of the above representations and warranties.
No Warranty
  • Zoomcar does not undertake that the zap - panel or any service or feature of zap - panel will be error-free or uninterrupted, or that any defects will be corrected, or that the use of the zap - panel will provide specific results. the zap - panel is provided on an "as-is" and "as-available" basis. all information provided on the website and the zap - panel is subject to change without notice. zoomcar disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including any warranties of accuracy, non-infringement, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. zoomcar disclaims any and all liability for the acts, omissions and conduct of any third parties in connection with, or related to, use of the zap - panel.
  • You acknowledge and agree that Zoomcar shall not be liable for any loss, damages or claims (direct or indirect) which may arise due to non-availability of the ZAP - panel and/or services provided through ZAP - panel hereunder for any reasons whatsoever. Zoomcar may in its sole discretion inform You of the non- availability of the ZAP - panel and/or services provided through ZAP - panel at any time.
  • You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Zoomcar and its directors, employees, officers, representatives and agents from and against all third party claims, and all related damages, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses of every kind arising out of, or as consequence of:
    • Your breach of any of the provisions of the Agreement;
    • Infringement of any third party’s intellectual property by You; and
    • Your breach or contravention of any applicable law.
Dispute Resolution & Jurisdiction
  • If any dispute arises between the Parties hereto during the subsistence of these Terms of Use or thereafter, in connection with, or arising out of, this Agreement, the dispute shall be referred to arbitration under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (Indian) to be adjudicated by a sole arbitrator to be appointed by Zoomcar. Arbitration shall be held at Bangalore, India. The proceedings of arbitration shall be in the English language. The arbitrator’s award shall be final and binding on the Parties. These Terms of Use shall be governed in accordance with the laws of India and courts in Bangalore, shall have exclusive jurisdiction.