3 Benefits of Short-Term Car Subscription For Your Next Short-Trip Around Pune

Day to day life is made easier with having a personal vehicle. Don’t you agree?

Instead of the hassles of using public transport, you can commute independently and freely whenever you want. The need for personal mobility has increased from a safety aspect due to the coronavirus outbreak. Personal mobility ensures that you are able to limit interaction with people, allowing you to follow the protocols of social distancing.

Own Your Adventure
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If, however, you do not own a vehicle, you can always opt for car rental services. A significant advantage is that we, at Zoomcar, offer short term car rental services as well as long-term rental cars in Pune.

Having a short term car rental service is the best solution to enjoy the same benefits that come with a personal car, such as the following:

  1. Safety

It has already been established that the coronavirus has a high tendency to spread faster in crowded places, so it will be wise to avoid such areas. Today, with the slow and steady unlocking of the country, offices have started to resume work, schools have started with their session, and travelers are out to travel again.

Considering that we don’t have a vaccine for the virus yet, car rental services are a blessing for those who need or want to travel safely and securely. Suppose you are unsure about opting for long-term car rental. In that case, you can enjoy our short term car subscription services like the daily car rental service or the weekly car rental service. This way, you can easily determine if a long-term car subscription is the right choice for you. Another safety aspect that a daily car rental service provides is that it offers protection against the possibility of virus transmission. Like, if you hail a cab, you will be in contact with the cab driver due to currency exchange, and you will be breathing the same air as them. To avoid such a situation, you should opt for personal mobility and rent a car for a short term. You will be driving the vehicle yourself and thus eliminating the risk of coming in contact with strangers.

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  1. Self-Reliance

The best aspect of having a vehicle at all times is that you will not have to rely on anyone else. Suppose you have old grandparents or an expecting wife, and an emergency arises. In that case, you won’t have to wait for your friends or relatives. Commuting via public transport is out of the question in such critical times; it will be best to have a car at your doorstep.

With short term car rental services, you can assure yourself with safety as well as convenience, and if you are comfortable with the service, you can extend it. At Zoomcar, we offer car rentals on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis for you to select from.

  • Affordable Travelling

Buying a vehicle at this juncture should be avoided. If you had to dip in your savings due to the pandemic, it might turn out to be a considerable investment. Therefore, the ideal option is to avail of a short term car rental service, the next best alternative. While providing all the facilities that a personal vehicle offers, it is an inexpensive solution to your travel worries.

If you are bored working from home and feel as if life has become dull, you can plan a short weekend getaway. As already mentioned above, the country is moving towards a completed unlock. Hence, the weekend resorts and tourists place are open for visiting. Having a rented vehicle will save the transportation costs of reaching the destination and also secure your trip. If you become satisfied with the short term rental service, you can avail of our long-term car subscription and plan such getaways from time to time.

Travel Safe And Happy

We at Zoomcar provide many other benefits, including the ones mentioned above. These include cars with damage insurance and an-all India permit. Now, plan your short trips without any worry. In a situation where the car breaks down in the middle of the road, we ensure that help reaches you with our 24x 7 roadside assistance benefit. We also make certain that all our cars are thoroughly sanitized after every use. Additionally, we make sure that the vehicle is dropped off at your doorstep within thirty minutes of subscribing for your convenience.  We prioritize your well-being and ensure that you can travel everywhere with the utmost security. Of all the things to be concerned about in this crisis, traveling should not be one!

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