3 Short Road Trips from Bangalore To Add To Your ‘Travitude List’

Traveling influences the lives of most individuals in positive ways. Whether it’s an ‘around-the-world’ adventure or a quick weekend getaway, travel is essential for peace of mind. However, this year, many travel plans had to be put on hold due to the pandemic. Moreover, due to the hectic work-from-home lifestyle and lockdown, life has become a bit dull and drab for everyone. Making everyone long for some fresh air, away from home, and having fun experiences.

However, now that things have started to get a bit normalized, traveling has been resumed. Although, it is imperative to remember that risks and insecurities of virus transmission still lingers. There is a simple solution to counter this problem, especially for those who love to travel – the option of choosing a secure and safe mode of traveling with personal mobility options. Getting a self-drive car subscription enables you to travel within and outside the city as per your comfort, while ensuring that you stay safe and secure!

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Personal mobility has gained momentum as it provides much-needed support in these uncertain times. It enables you to move around with some freedom and lets you breathe a sigh of relief. If, however, you do not have a personal vehicle, do not feel trapped. There are car rental services like Zoomcar that allow you to enjoy personal mobility with a self-drive car subscription.

Own Your Adventure

If you live in Bangalore, you can use these safe car subscription services and visit nearby places. This way, you can ensure safety as well as get a break from the monotonous schedule. Given below are three sites which are considered as the best escape for a short weekend trip:

  • Coorg: Scotland of India

Usually, on everyone’s bucket list, Coorg is situated amidst the mountains of Karnataka.  The best aspect is that it is approximately five and a half hours away from Bangalore city if the route via Mysore is taken. Weather around this time is pleasant and refreshing. You will get to witness the gorgeous rainfall cut through the luscious green hills.

While there are many things to do in this area, you can complete the Brahmagiri Peak trip, which will be a splendid chance. Apart from this, you can enjoy cycling, biking in the peaks of this hill station. Other places like Abbey waterfalls, Nagarhole National park, Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery are tourist spots that you can visit for experiencing serenity.

Planning this short weekend trip is made easy with rental cars as they provide safe and secure travel. Instead of using public transport mode, you can take a self-drive car subscription from Zoomcar and follow social distancing.

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  • Bheemeshwari: Fishing and Bird Watching Paradise

This small town in Karnataka is merely two hours away from the hustling and bustling streets of Bangalore. An apt destination if you are a fishing enthusiast. Relish nature’s marvels and experience the tranquility of this town. Home to the famous Masheer fishes, it enables you to spend time by the riverside and surround yourself with the picturesque view.

The extensive fauna and flora will be a nice change from your house’s four walls and uplift your mood. Visit the Doddamakali nature fishing camp and relax for the weekend.

Even if you are looking for a one-day getaway, you can travel by opting for a car subscription for a day. Otherwise, you can avail car subscription for a week and spend quality time with your loved ones. We provide thoroughly sanitized cars that enable you to ensure security. You can also carry an extra supply of hand sanitizers and masks and store them in the rented vehicle. In this manner, you will not run out of them and remain safe at all times.

  • Mysuru: Pandora Box of Palaces

Become a spectator and get dazzled by the royal heritage of this ‘City of Palaces.’ A world heritage site, it can be reached by road in about three hours from Bangalore. Avail the self-drive car subscription and drive down to witness rich history encompassed of intricate architecture, famous silk sarees, and sandalwood.

If you are a history buff, visit the Mysore palace, famous Brindavan gardens, and Somanathapura temple. This spectacular destination will help you relieve the stress gathered in these past few months.

And, with our advantage of an all-India permit, you can travel without any hesitation. Nothing will hinder your plan of a fun-filled short trip.

Plan a Short Trip without any Worry

We at Zoomcar offer you self-drive cars on subscription for extended periods ranging from monthly, weekly, and annual. In this manner, if you want to extend your stay at any of the destinations, you can work from there without worrying about getting back. Hence, enabling you to experience ‘Travitude’– a feeling of gratitude that helps you enjoy traveling now.

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