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4 Reasons Why Personal Mobility is A Life-Saver

Here are some reasons why personal mobility solutions will be a life-saver for you during the pandemic

No one ever anticipated that the outbreak of a pandemic would make our life go topsy-turvy in a way like this. All areas of life have been affected in one way or the other. One such aspect is travelling, which is now subject to the risk of transmission. Since the virus spreads through contact with infected people and objects, public transport comes across as a highly unsafe option. In such a case, personal mobility is being considered as the safest way to commute around. 

The need of the times is to travel only when necessary. However, whenever you do need to move out, you must not compromise on your safety. At such times, you must look for personal mobility options to secure your family and yourself.  

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Here are some reasons why personal mobility solutions will be a life-saver for you during the pandemic:  

1. Helps You Practice Social Distancing  

One of the most effective prevention keys during this pandemic is social distancing. A personal mobility option such as your car or taking a self-drive car will enable you to travel privately and safely to all the places. It will minimize transmission risk to a great extent. If you live in any big city such as Hyderabad or Bangalore and need to travel urgently with your family, choose Innova car rental in Hyderabad or elsewhere, instead of using public transport. Taking a rental car will be the best bet in case you do not have a personal vehicle. Whether you need to travel to your hometown or need to attend an important ceremony in another city, take Hyderabad car rental packages as per you needs.  

2. Enables Easy Availability 

When you have elderly parents, a sick family member or an expecting wife, you never know when you might need to visit the doctor or a hospital. At such times, having a personal mobility option such as a subscription car at your disposal will ensure that you can travel safely with your loved ones, no matter what hour of the day it is. Or, if you travel only occasionally, opt for a rental car. Some rental companies like Zoomcar offer hourly car rental Hyderabad and other city services to support all those who need a safe mode of travelling.   

3. Be Sure About Sanitization  

If you own a car, you must be sanitizing it well before and after every drive. Sanitization also cuts down the risk to a great extent and is a must nowadays. However, with public transport, you can never be entirely sure about this aspect, given the number of people who use it. In such a case, it would be much better to opt for a self-drive car on a monthly or yearly basis, through rental or subscription companies. Make sure to check how they sanitize their vehicles before delivering it to you. If you need to take a long-distance trip, say for an official purpose, opt for Innova car rental in Hyderabad or other cities to keep your safety in check. 

4. Self-Driven Vehicle is Best  

Earlier you may be using a cab, but now given the rapid spread of the virus, you need to keep a safe distance from every potentially infected person. Drivers of cabs also present a certain degree of risk. The best thing would be to make a shift to personal mobility where you can drive the vehicle yourself. Take car rentals in Hyderabad for outstation or inter-city use, and drive wherever and whenever you want. Even if you need to pick or drop a friend or relative, or have to get some important task done, book a self-drive rental car to commute. It will keep risk at bay during this pandemic.  

Choose Personal Mobility to Stay Safe 

Since safety is a top priority right now, you need to make choices that keep you and your loved ones secure. Use only personal mobility solutions for travelling to cut down the risk of transmission. You can book self-drive cars offered by reliable companies like Zoomcar on both rental and subscription basis. They thoroughly sanitize their vehicles and deliver the same to your doorstep. You will not even need to pay any down payment when you take a car on subscription from them. Choosing a car on subscription from them will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a personal vehicle, in a much more economical way. 

Choose a means of personal mobility and secure your loved ones and yourself.

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