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4 Ways Zoomcar Makes Daily Commutes Safe During These Risky Times

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a paradigm shift in people’s priorities. From partying out on Friday nights and socializing over the weekends, most of us are prioritizing personal safety over everything else.

Another example of how people are focusing on safety instead of convenience in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic is the reduced use of public transport. Many of us who do not have a personal car and had earlier been using public means of transport are now looking for solutions to travel privately. Even driver-ridden cabs are seeing a significant reduction in the passenger numbers since people are avoiding all interactions to minimize the risk of contracting the coronavirus infection.

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Self Drive Car Rental

At such times, opting for Zoomcar self-drive car rental service comes across as one of the best solutions to travel privately and safely. If you are wondering how Zoomcar provides you with a secure solution for travelling, then let us explain to you the same in detail below.

  1. Offers Self-Drive Cars

When you opt for the Zoomcar car rental services, you receive a self-driven vehicle that does not need a driver. Amidst these risky times, this aspect of self-drive cars will enable you to practice social distancing without compromising on convenience and personal safety.

It ensures that when you and your family need to travel, there is no contact with anyone else during the trip. In a rental cab, there is the risk of the driver being a potential virus carrier, given that he may have come in contact with any other infected passengers. However, when you choose to book a self-driven rental car, the possibilities of such exposure are zero.

  1. Provides Sanitized Vehicles

The most frightening part of Coronavirus is how easily it transmits through direct contact with an infected person or surface. When you book Zoomcar self-drive cars, the vehicle is thoroughly sanitized before it is delivered to you for use. Travelling in a self-drive rental car will allow you to travel with flair, comfort and above all, peace of mind, as the risk from coming in contact with infected surfaces or objects will be minimized or eliminated during travelling.

  1. Delivers Quickly

In case of any emergency, you may want a safe, private vehicle urgently. For instance, if you need to take your pregnant wife to the hospital or need to visit your hometown urgently, you may not have much time in hand. At the same time, you cannot afford to compromise on safety. At such times, Zoomcar self-drive cars can be the best solution for your commuting plans.

Zoom car hire service provides vehicles within 30 minutes at your doorstep. You can book the rental car and travel for long and short distances just whenever you want. In these uncertain times, if you do not have a personal vehicle, then taking a rental car would be a better option than hailing a taxi or cab or using public means of transport, for ensuring safety.

  1. Offers for Varied Durations

Depending on your travel requirements, you may need a private vehicle for varied durations. Zoomcar self-drive car rental service provides you vehicles for a one-side journey, two-way trip or on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. They offer both rental and subscription option while enabling you to make bookings for any travel plans – whether intercity or interstate.

Whether you need a means of personal mobility for commuting to your office, finishing pending household tasks, or picking and dropping a family member, using a self-drive will allow you to travel while keeping the risk at bay.

Secure all Your Travel Plans with Zoomcar

If you do not own a car and are not even willing to invest in one right now, then a rental car will be the best solution for personal mobility. You may also consider using Zoomcar’s subscription option for long term access to a private vehicle. Take a 6-monthly or yearly subscription vehicle and secure all your travel plans at least till the pandemic lasts.

Such a service as provided by Zoomcar self-drive car rental company will primarily be of considerable support to you if you need to travel to your hometown often, or if you have a pregnant wife, elderly parents, or sick members in your family. Using such a commuting option will ensure that you do not compromise on their safety, no matter when or where you need to travel.

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