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5 Things You Must Pack in For a Safe and Secure Trip

Planning and preparation play a vital role in the success of any endeavour, be it an event or a trip. When it comes to making a trip, especially a long-distance one, you need to consider several things before getting started. Primarily, these days, when travelling just like other aspects of life has become subjected to the risk of virus transmission, you need to take every necessary step there is to secure your trip. 

At the time of taking a trip, the first thing you should figure out is a safe means of mobility and then move to pack all necessary items. Amidst the critical situations of the pandemic, the safest commuting option right now is to choose an option of personal mobility. If you do not own a vehicle, then you can opt for either a self-drive rental or subscription car.    

Own Your Adventure

Apart from choosing the right means of commutation, here is a list of things you must carry along to ensure a safe trip. Read below to find out:

  1. Mask

Consider carrying a mask with you at all times as the new normal. Even if you are traveling through a means of personal mobility, it is still advisable that you carry a few masks with you. Wearing masks ensure that you remain protected even when you need to get down on the way or meet someone at the destination. Keep the extra masks in a proper box or bag, so that they remain free from pathogens, dust, and pollutants too.  

  1. Sanitizers 

Gone are the days when only the hygiene-conscious people carried sanitizers with them. Now, with the prevailing risk, sanitizers have become an essential thing to carry along every time you venture out. Although commuting through your vehicle or self-drive rental car ensures that there is minimum risk of coming in contact with virus-ridden objects, using the sanitizer frequently will further kill the virus, if it gets to you through the hands.   

  1. First-Aid Kit 

God forbid, if your vehicle meets with any small collision or accident and someone gets injured, a first-aid kit will come in handy to provide medical support instantly. So, prepare a small medical kit comprising of a disinfectant, band-aids, gauze pads and dressings, antiseptic wipes, and other related things and keep it in your car.  Also, it would be best if you can keep a small emergency blanket as well as contact details of medical facilities along your route. Better stay safe than sorry.

In case you take a self-drive Zoomcar from us and face a breakdown, then you may not worry about roadside assistance. We, at Zoomcar, offer roadside assistance to all our renters and subscribers.  However, you must take all steps to ensure personal safety.

  1. Basic Food and Drinks 

While stopping at a roadside Dhaba may seem to be an exciting idea, but not when it puts your safety at stake. Notably, during current times, when there is so much risk of virus transmission, it is best to carry basic food and drinks with you in your car. It will ensure that you do not need to stopover at places to satisfy your hunger pangs. Also, keeping food is a must if you have small kids or patients who may need to be fed from time to time.   

  1. Basic medicines

There are chances that you or any of your loved ones may feel sick while on a trip. Especially when it is a long-distance journey, and the roads are uphill and meandering, many people feel nausea, vertigo, or headaches. Precisely during these times, to ensure that you don’t have to frantically search for a medical shop, you must carry a few essential, over-the-counter medicines with you. 

Plan a Safe and Secure Trip

It would help if you first chose a safe commuting option like that in itself will offer you a great deal of security during these unsafe times. In the absence of a personal vehicle, you may choose to opt for a rental or subscription car as offered by us at Zoomcar. We sanitize our cars thoroughly and deliver the same in the shortest time possible. Using a personal mobility option, whether your own or rental car will allow you to practice social distancing norms in the best way possible. Apart from this, carry all essential things as mentioned above and any other thing that you can think of to ensure that you and your loved ones can travel safely without getting exposed to any preventable risks.   

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