5 Unique Resort Vacations That You Ought To Try!

A holiday is not always about traveling to a new place or discovering an offbeat trail, sometimes it’s just about rediscovering yourself. Even though an unconventional trip may help us reflect upon ourselves, a laid-back trip to a retreat is the ultimate way to spend some quality me time. And when we say ‘retreat’, we are not just referring to a luxurious resort, but to a haven that inspires you. So if you were searching for an enthralling experience that would revitalize and pamper you, here are some of the unique resort vacations that you could look into:

1. Cultural Resorts:

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This is a new and emerging concept which not only promotes rural tourism but also brings in the value of sustainability and eco-friendliness. The cultural resorts generally have traditional mud houses or eco tents whose walls are decorated with local art forms. The resorts are landscaped with homegrown plants, and most of the daily edibles are sourced from the villages nearby, increasing the employment opportunities for the locals. This kind of a resort helps you see the rural culture in a whole new light. And it also gives you ideas on how to make your urban lifestyle even more eco-friendly.

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2. Countryside Resorts:

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Another way of spending some quality me time is to go to a farm resort. These resorts are perfect for those who dream of leaving the concrete jungle and spending the rest of their lives as agriculturists. A farm resort typically boasts of the alternative lifestyle with the help of bio homes and organic fields. These cottages encourage a spartan lifestyle by having minimal furniture. But that’s a small price to pay for some much-deserved privacy. Some of these farms also have tree plantation programs which help you reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Hill Resorts:

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A hill or a mountain resort is one getaway every single person needs to experience during their lifetime. These resorts are great for self-development with their serene and calm environment. A vacation here gives you plenty of opportunities to introspect on where your current lifestyle is headed. Since the ways of living around hillsides are quite different from the rural or the countrysides, you can try your hand at terrace farming or the local crafts. This would be a good way to see if you are the kind of person who could leave all the modern comforts and settle down among the hills, growing strawberries or running tea estates.

4. Beach Resorts:

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Now these are not your usual beach resorts where it’s all about partying or living an extravagant lifestyle. The Beach Resorts are for those who adore the deep blue waters as much as they love the feeling of well-being. These retreats offer the visitors a chance to experience an eco-friendly white sand where they could rejuvenate themselves. They also help recreate an ideal habitat to support the survival of the local wildlife such as the olive ridley turtle. For those of you who love to practice yoga whilst watching the sun drown into the ocean, these resorts are a perfect getaway.

5. Wildlife Resorts:

Courtesy: highontravel.com / Elephant valley

Last but not the least, an escapade to the wild is always a good option. The immense amount of flora and fauna one gets to explore around the wildlife themed resorts always ends up becoming a memorable experience. Also, the stay options in the jungles like a tree house or a tent, tend to offer the kind of the thrill that makes you come alive.

So the next time you look out for an escapade, drive out to a resort and find your true self.

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  1. wow, the pictures are inspiring! where is this elephant valley? (picture at no.5-wildlife resorts) its so appealing I want to step into the picture and be in the treehouse.

  2. wow, the pictures are inspiring! where is this elephant valley? (picture at no.5-wildlife resorts) its so appealing I want to step into the picture and be in the treehouse.

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