6 reasons for making Subscribe the go to option!

Yes, ZAP Subscribe, a car subscription service by Zoomcar is the next big thing! Subscribe is our latest offering that enables you to subscribe to new or existing cars at a fixed monthly cost. What does this entail for you? Well, read on to find out 6 reasons why this car subscription model could be your saving grace.

  1. Changing your job? You don’t really need to worry about what happens to your car!

In this time and age, moving to a new city for better job opportunities is common. How many of you really spend decades in the same company? Not many, right? You often find yourselves or your friends or colleagues who are relocating going through a whole lot of hassles. Moving homes to moving your belongings and your vehicle, there is just too many things to take care of. With ZAP Subscribe, you get the opportunity to put your car on the sharing platform and make some bucks. You don’t have to move your vehicle each time you move to a new city. Even if you’re parents or family are staying back, your car doesn’t need to sit there and gather dust. ZAP Subscribe lets you put your idle vehicle to use. You can save up to Rs. 15, 000 by listing your car for 15 days. The savings depend on the days of listing.

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  1. When in a new city, subscribe it!

Bangalore is a start-up hub, Mumbai the financial hub, and Delhi being the HQ of many FMCGs, companies across metro cities send employees for a training or a project to other cities for a brief period, say 6 to 12 months. Relocating to other cities for a short stint involves a lot of ambiguity. You are heavily dependent on cabs and public transport for your commute which might be quite an inconvenience. It certainly doesn’t make sense to transport your own car to a new city for such a short while. ZAP Subscribe comes to your rescue. Get a vehicle in the new city with ease for the time period you wish to keep it. Use it for your daily commute, or use it for weekend road trip to explore neighboring cities. You can even list it back on the portal. This way you can pay part of your subscription amount from the amount earned through the listing.

  1. Gratify your never-ending desires!

Whether you like to admit it or not, you secretly know that your desires are never ending. You always want something new. New clothes every month, and in case of an expensive item like a phone, you’d use it max for 12-18 months. You then check for the next best phone and exchange your phone at dirt cheap prices. Now cars too can be that much more easily upgraded and changed as and when you please. You now can get a new/different “toy” to play with every few months. Get spoiled rotten! With ZAP Subscribe you have the freedom to change your car every few months without having to pay through your nose for this luxury.

  1. Why take a loan, when you still get the convenience of an asset?

Roti, Kapdaa aur Makaan. The society has tuned most people’s minds to thinking that buying a house is of primary importance. As you grow up, you bury yourself under the burden of multiple loans. Education loan, house loan, credit card spends, items bought on EMIs, personal loan, and car loan. Why would you bind yourself to a 3 or 5 or 7-year loan period and flush out money? And particularly when you don’t use the asset regularly, it pinches to pay the recurring EMIs. ZAP Subscribe ends your loan woes! It gives you the flexibility to choose your car for multiple subscription periods with the option to terminate the agreement with a one-month notice.

  1. Don’t block your money!

So, you’ve saved up some money and now want a car? But why would you block your money on one asset when you could spread this amount and buy multiple products? For instance, you could invest the lump sum amount you’ve saved up to procure multiple items instead of using it as down-payment for a car loan. With Subscribe there is zero down-payment and no burden of paying a lump sum. While you still will be paying your subscription amount, the financial burden is still lower with the option to keep your lump sum amount intact or using it to procure more items.

  1. Saving, save, save till you succeed!

For those of you who believe in saving, this one is for you. Invest in SIPs as it gives you a good return instead of blocking your money on your car’s down-payment and EMIs. And with Subscribe, you have the option to possess a car at a nominal rate. Further, if you use your vehicle only over the weekends, you could list it on Zoomcar and let someone subscribe it for the days it’s not in use. This way you get part of your subscription money back.

ZAP Subscribe is the perfect option to get the comforts of a car without having to get your money stuck in down-payments and EMIs. You just pay for the service for as long as you wish to use it. Be it relocation to a new city or any other reason, ZAP Subscribe will make your life easy.

To know more about ZAP Subscribe,

We have limited cars available for subscription. Book your personal car at @ ₹2100 only and subscribe with monthly fees starting at Rs. 15,999. Hurry, register and make payment to subscribe your new car with an option to save up to 70% of the fee.

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