7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss the DriveOut Sale!

The much-awaited DriveOut Sale is here! Plan your trip between the 14th February and 14th March 2018 and avail 50% off on your choice of self-drive cars. And if you’re wondering how to go about the planning and where to head to, then fret not as we’re here to assist you.

We bring you 7 reasons why you must not miss out on the DriveOut Sale. Read on!

Own Your Adventure
  1. Valentine’s Day – 14th February 

What’s better than an occasion to take your better half to a lovey day trip? Or for that matter an extended trip. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to take a break from your routine life and spend some quality time with your beloved.

  1. Holi

Make the most of the Holi long weekend – 2nd March 2018. Plan a Holi party with friends and family at a lovely weekend destination or just head to a resort on the outskirts. Bring in your Holi party with a bang and bhang (pun intended). Indulge in the festivities with great food, colors and some lovely company.

  1. Birthday or anniversary

For those of you celebrating your special day in this period – birthdays and anniversaries, nothing like a trip. Plan a quiet romantic trip at a tranquil hill station or go crazy with your bunch of peeps amidst the sands and sun (beach holiday) to bring in your birthday. Some wine or tequila could add to the fun.

  1. Wedding bells

For those of you who have your bestie getting married in another city, or that cousin’s wedding that you’ve been desperately waiting for, this will only get better. Book your self-drive car and add a pinch of fun to your celebrations. We’re already present across 27 Indian cities, so we’re going to ensure you have a ball.

  1. Promotion celebrations

Yes, it’s that time of the year. The time when all your hard work gets rewarded. Promotion! And if you’ve got yours and are excited to throw your promotion party then we’re more than happy to make it worth the while. Book your self-drive car and zoom away to your choice of destination. And for those of you who are not so happy with this year’s hike, worry not. Just take an escape. Take a break and drive away to a lovely place to seek some calm. The sale will help make the trip light on your pocket, while giving you a chance to relax and bounce back to life.

  1. Pending leaves

Of course, all you hardworking people deserve a break. For those of you who’ve been toiling hard and have accumulated your leaves, it’s time to use them up before they lapse. Here’s your chance. Plan a trip now! All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. The 50% discount should be a good push to make you want to take a break.

  1. One day trips

A one-day trip is just that thing that brightens your week. You don’t always need a reason to go on a trip. Plan a one-day outing to a neighboring city or that destination that you always wanted to visit. Or just call in sick to work and take a day off travelling. For those of you who are in between jobs, now is the time to travel. Make the most of your break and we can help make it a budgeted one with the DriveOut Sale.

Yes, we just gave you so many reasons to travel, unwind, and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Make that trip happen and avail 50% discount on your self-drive car. This time around ensure that you don’t miss out on the DriveOut Sale!

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