7 Solo Travel Destinations For Women, This New Year!

The time when women required a male companion to rediscover their own country is long past. Today, women are strapping their world to their backs and trudging along hills and valleys, beaches and streets, in search of adventures, stories and well, themselves!

There is a plethora of wonderful places for a woman to set foot into on her own. Places free of day to day drudgery and responsibilities, places when they can let go completely and feel truly free in their own company.

Own Your Adventure

One of the safest and hassle-free ways in which women can set out on their own trips is to Zoom. With every opportunity to travel at their own pace, share their journey with others like themselves and stop to take it the beauty of the world around them, there are things that Zoom can offer women travelers that others simply cannot.

So, women, if you’re out there looking for somewhere to go, the road is all yours. Pack your bags and get ready to explore these top 5 places to visit if you’re travelling alone!

1. Udaipur, Rajasthan: In Udaipur, it’s always safety first. Women, feel free to make yourselves at home on the streets of this splendid city. The exotic architecture is a sight for sore eyes, and there’s a unique culture to soak in and embrace as well. Of course, there will be the occasional tour guide who will approach you in an effort to show you the sights, but a simple and firm ‘No’ will generally suffice to ensure your solitude. Udaipur is just a short Zoom drive from Delhi, and who knows, your magical journey might begin the minute your fingers close around the car keys.

Things to do: There’s a lot you can do as a lone traveler in Udaipur. You could go horse riding, take a heritage walk, visit the Solar Observatory, and do some holiday shopping at Hathi Pol, Bada Bazaar, Rajasthali or Sadhana Emporium

Places to see: Lake Palace, City Palace, Lake Pichola, Ahar Museum, Sajjan Garh/ Monsoon Palace, Bagore ki Haveli, Sunset Point & Machla Magra, Fateh Sagar Lake, Jagdish Temple, Saheliyo ki Bari and Jag Mandir


2. Hampi, Karnataka: This small village destination can give any urban jungle a run for its money. Rich in culture, wealthy in hospitality and absolutely delightful when it comes to freedom, Hampi is a scenic drive from the bustling corridors of Bangalore. Zoom into this hamlet, where you can be enthralled by the relics that your eyes will behold.

Things to do: If you’re in for some adventure, you can try your hands at rock climbing. But If you just want to sit back and relax, take a ferry ride down the River Tungabhadra and take in the beautiful sights of Hampi. There’s also plenty of wonderful souvenirs to pick up at the Hampi Bazaar!

Places to see: Vittala Temple, Virupaksha Temple, Zenana Enclosure, Sule Bazaar and Achyutaraya Temple, Nandi Statue, Elephant Stables, Hemakuta Hill, Underground Shiva Temple, Queen’s Bath and Royal Centre


3. Munnar, Kerala: Women, get ready to feel like Alice in Wonderland. When you get out of your car and step foot into the green lands of Munnar, you will feel like you’ve dropped down a rabbit hole, right into the magical place. Kerala is easily one of the safest places for women travelers, so yes, believe us when we say that your stay will indeed appear refreshingly enchanting. Just clamber into your car, and feel like the rush of adventure as you traverse these hilly evergreen lands!

Things to do: If you’re a tea lover, don’t miss out on a trip to the Tea Museum. There’s also great Kathakali performances at the Thirumeny Cultural Centre. And if you’re just there for the Nature, pick up a bicycle and explore the place yourself!

Places to see: Mattupetty, Pallivasal, Tea Museum


4. Nainital, Uttarakhand: Nainital is a picture postcard. Its beauty is breathtaking. It comes as no surprise, then, that this place of wonder thrives on tourism. Popularly known as the Lake City, it shelters nature like no other place in India does. The inhabitants – the Kumaoni people – are known for their warmth and hospitality, making Nainital a safe haven for women travelers. The drive to Nainital is a strangely alluring experience, too. Just a six-hour drive from New Delhi, the route is scenic and sprinkled with enough places to pause, rest and have a snack or two.

Things to do: The Tibetan Market, at the outskirts of the town, is where you will find all the latest styles to carry back home with you, and also small eateries, where you can eat momos to your heart’s content. Apart from this, you can take a cable car ride to Snow View, trek to China Peak or even take a boat ride at Naini Lake.

Places to see: Snow View, Tiffin Top, China Peak, Bhimtal, Naukuchiyatal, Saattal, Lover’s Point, Himalaya Darshan, Ropeway (Cable Car), Nanda Devi Temple, Jama Masjid, Pangot, Corbett National Park, Cave Garden, Boat House Club


5. Puducherry: Talk about the perfect weekend getaway. Just a small bag to hold a dress or two, and perhaps a small diary to write down your experiences in. Because along the cobbled streets of Puducherry, you will find many a story to take home with you. It is the perfect destination for a woman travelling alone. The towering cathedrals will take your breath away, the lovely yellow houses will keep your cameras flashing, and you will be grateful for your solitude at the Aurobindo Ashram. All this bliss, just a short two-hour drive from Chennai. What are you waiting for? Zoom into our cars already!

Things to do: A trip to Puducherry is an invigorating experience. You can take a stroll down the French Quarter and take in the beautiful architecture. Or get detox services and skin treatments at Ayurveda Holistic Healing Centre. Yoga-lovers and learners can also learn integral yoga at Sri Aurobindo Asharam.

Places to see: Sri Aurobindo Asharam, Churches, Puducherry Museum, Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Notre Dame des Anges, Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Botanical Garden, Sacred Heart Basilica, Goubert Ave/Beach Road


6. Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh: Most destinations away from New Delhi are almost always worth it. Especially when you’re in a comfortable car, taking in the sights and sounds of your journey. One such is the drive from New Delhi to Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh. Just 60 km from the beautiful Kullu Valley, Jibhi is bordered by tall alpine trees and babbling brooks. Its serenity will steal your breath away and leave you feeling awestruck. It’s not just the joyous driving around that you get to enjoy!

Things to do: Once in Jibhi, you can indulge in a trek to the majestic 15,000-year-old Chaini Fort and down to the Serolsar Lake bordered by kharshoo trees peculiar to the region.

Places to see: Chaini Fort, Sharingi Bagi Temple, Sarehul Lake, Jalori Pass


7. Spiti, Himachal Pradesh: While you’re still in Himachal Pradesh, make sure you drive to a must-see locale – Spiti. It is one of the safest places in India. The warmth and friendliness will make you fall in love with the place, and make sure you visit again. A trip to Spiti also takes you through Shimla, including a pit stop at Reckong Peo, where you can freshen up and replenish your snacks and eatables.

Things to do: If you’re an adventure freak, you will love Spiti, because it gives you room for trekking, skiing, hiking, river rafting and even a bit of exposure to the local arts and crafts. You can also check out the world’s highest post office and the Giu mummy while you’re there.

Places to see: Key Monastery, Kunzum Pass, Chandratal Lake, Dhankar Monastery, Surajtal Lake, Pin Valley National Park, Dhankar Lake

Dhankar, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India

Ladies, with so much to see and so little time on your hands these days, it’s time to take the wheel. And what better way to do it than to hop right into a Zoomcar!

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