8 Reasons to ‘ZAPit’!

Aman and Shwetha, the modern couple who are about to get married, are debating on where to spend their savings. While Aman says he wants to go for a honeymoon, Shwetha wants to buy a new car. Raj is having second thoughts about leaving his sedan parked outside his house. He’s going away to Dehradun to visit his parents, and he won’t be home for a month. The sedan is brand new, and he fears for its safety. Besides, what a waste to let a perfectly good car just lying around when it can be used by Arjun, his neighbour, who was hinting all week about taking a road trip to Ooty.

Do you find yourself identifying with Aman, Shwetha or Raj? You’re not alone!

Own Your Adventure

Which brings us to ZAP. ZAP allows you to register your car with us on the Zoomcar platform opening it up for use by our 2 million customers. It’s simple. When you’re away chilling in the Doon Valley, or stuck inside the walls of your cubicle, your car is idle. It’s an asset that’s going waste, when it can be making you a few bucks. Here’s why you need to ZAP a car, not just buy it:

  1. Own a Dream: ZAP’s motto isn’t ‘Drive. Share. Earn.’ without good reason. We know how much you love driving and the countless number of road trips you want to go on. But when you are not driving your car, you can spread the joy of driving to someone else as they take it out for a spin and, here’s the best part, you get to earn and save upto Rs. 20,000 every month on your car ownerships costs while they do this. All that saved up EMI can now translate to that vacation you’ve been longing for.
  1. Time is money: Well, idle time isn’t. Generally, your car is idle around 90% of the time. You could be busy in your daily routine or away on vacation or even just relaxing at home and your car would be helping in reducing your car ownership costs It’s no more just a machine, but an actual earning member of your family, isn’t it? Which means, that 90% of the time, you could be making money off it by sharing it. Let that sink in.
  1. EMI or ZMI ? : As stated before, a whopping 20,000 Rs/month is saved on ZAP. Did you already plan on how to spend that savings? Get packing, travel the world, buy your friends and family things they’ve always wanted, treat yourself to a relaxing getaway! Never worry about EMIs as ZMI, the ZAP Monthly Income takes care of the EMIs.
  1. Hassle-free Operations: The ZAP app makes listing your car as simple as it can ever get. With a few clicks you can choose the number of hours/days you want your ZAP car to be shared with Zoomcar customers, repeat the schedule or reschedule when needed. The Key less entry feature, powered by Cadabra makes sure the pickup is hands free and hassle free, so you can sit back and enjoy that cup of coffee while your car covers its costs.
  1. Your Smart Car: We get that you’re worried about your dream on wheels. That’s why we have Cadabra, our magical IOT platform to ensure your car’s perfect health always. Enabled by features such as immobilizer, real-time updates on preventive service and maintenance and driver score, Cadabra has a 360-degree monitoring capability that covers your car’s safety, keeps a check on service and maintenance costs and penalizes rash driving.
  1. Zero cash outflow: With ZAP, your car comes first. So, say there is an unfortunate accident or a sudden mishap with your car, and it must be subjected to repair. Worry not! Zoomcar will cover all costs net of the insurance so that you don’t have to open your wallet. We’re here to make sure that your car returns to you as good as new, despite accidents and damages suffered while it was not driven by you.
  1. Capped maintenance costs: Any car requires constant maintenance. But here’s one of the best things about joining the ZAP community – Zoomcar pays over and above the stated per kilometre maintenance costs. Talk about wanting the cake and driving it too!
  1. Downtime protection: ZAPping it could possibly be the smoothest journey of your life. Apart from those EMI cuts and capped maintenance costs, Zoomcar ensures you get a downtime guarantee of Rs. 300 per day if your car is lounging in the garage for more than 24 hours. That, or you get an equivalent replacement car to avoid an inconvenience to you.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our existing associates said about ZAP:

“It’s my first car and I know I will not be driving it daily, ZAP is the perfect platform for me to offset my EMIs when I am not driving the car.”_ Nithyanatham D, 28 Years, Bangalore.
“The ZAP App is very friendly and its easy to share the car. I can confidently say that sharing my car on ZAP is 100% safe” _Rajendra Ratnakar Pandare, 55 Years, Pune.

“I was a frequent customer of Zoomcar and when I was looking to buy a new car I knew I was not going to use it every day as my office travel is taken care and the rest of the time it will be idle. ZAP was a perfect fit as I can save money from it by sharing my car when I’m not using it”_Debasis Jena, 25 Years, Hyderabad.

We rather think you’re itching to ZAP your car now. Log on to come on board. #JustZAPit. www.zoomcar.com/zapster


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