A Roadtrip with No Compromises – The Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Fest!

Apart from the impromptu plans, all travel discussions swiftly turn into a debate, especially when you are planning a trip with your friends. Finding that perfect destination that can satisfy everyone in a group can become a real task. While some of your friends may want to escape from the mundane routine, the others may just want to find some existential meaning in each trip. And even though you try to keep everyone happy, you know that you will end up leaving some of your friends feeling unhappy. Well, you don’t have to! The Rhythm and Blues Festival in Kasauli has something to offer for everyone and is bound to leave you mesmerised. And if you were looking for reasons to visit this beautiful hill station, well you won’t find a better time than this March to take this trip. Here are some of the reasons that will convince you to spend your extended weekend in the peaceful hills of Kasauli:

1. Long Weekend:

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Any drive that you go for is only good when you have enough time to savour every moment to its fullest. And that’s what long weekends are for. It gives you enough time to cruise along the winding paths of any hill station, especially when the destination is Kasauli.

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2. Euphoric Music:

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Imagine listening to some soul-stirring music with your best buddies amidst the pine covered hills. Now that’s the kind of exhilarating experience you would have at the Kasauli R&B fest. From Hindustani to Bollywood to Rock – there is a rhythm for every kind of music aficionado in this festival.

3. Rejuvenating Views:

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Kasauli is one of those serene hill stations where you never get bored of the view. And with March being the start of summer in most places, heading to Kasauli would be the best way to escape the heat and experience the pleasant spring.

4. Classy Brunch:

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This quaint little hill station still carries the charm of the colonial world and the ideal way to experience a part of that glamour would be to have a special brunch at the Kasauli club. The highlight of the meal is the live performance by the Army Pipers and the Army Jazz band.

5. Food Hunt:

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If you are a foodie or have a friend who just loves to have some lip-smacking delicacies on every trip you take, then head out to Dharampur which is about 12 km away and hog away. If you are looking for an authentic local flavor, do go dhaba hopping in the neighborhood.

6. Touristy Trails:

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For those of you who love to learn more about the place and see what else the surroundings have got to offer, a visit to the Bon Monastery, which is just 55 km away from Kasauli, is a must. And if you want to feel like a kid again, then you could go on the toy train ride at Dharampur.

Last but not the least, this event is run by a foundation that believes in giving medical care to underprivileged kids. So being a part of the event would mean having a great time while serving a good cause.

All in all, if you have been procrastinating your trip to Kasauli for a long time, then now is the time to hit the road with your amigos!

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