A smart guide to go street shopping in Mumbai!


The second on our list, as you can read, is Hill Road, another shopper’s delight which very conveniently is also in Bandra. This place is full of hustle bustle, people jostling from one shop to another, a very active market with moving sellers to shops stalled on footpaths. Hill Road in Bandra is a land full of treasures, and we’re uncovering some gems for you here. It is a place where you can get great deals in silver jewelleries. It is also home for best shoe shops around.

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If you are looking for electronic goods, then search no long, this is the apt place for your requirements. Head straight to Lamington Road market and see the hordes of shops selling electronic items and lesser costs! In this place, you can surely shop till you drop. You might have to rummage through streets and shops but the experience that you’ll gain is exciting and worth all the rummaging.


The Colaba Causeway market is a carnival for shoppers on a regular basis. The shopping experience is like no other in Mumbai. Geared especially towards tourists, that infamous Indian saying of “sab kuch milega” (you’ll get everything) certainly applies to this market. Dodge persistent balloon and map sellers, as you meander along the sidewalk and peruse the stalls. Want your name engraved on a grain of rice? This happens here too! This place is absolutely famous for handicrafts, books, jewellery, crystals and of course clothes!

The street quite literally justifies its name, a street lined with nothing but fashion and trendy items. There are around 150 stalls lined up there. The market mainly attracts teenagers and college students, who come to grab the latest western clothes at very affordable prices.      Indulge yourself in an exciting shopping experience like never before. Take a look at the city even closely. Worried about your commutation? We have the solution to that too. Book a Zoom car to drive around the local markets of the city.

The ‘City of Dreams” is an absolute delight to the shoppers. Mumbai and shopping, these go hand in hand. There are numerous shopping malls around but there are also various markets which make shopping all the more exciting. But we all are aware that it is the deal that makes us go bonkers. With excellent bargaining tactics and a bit of research, shopping in Mumbai is everyone’s favourite!

Here we have enlisted the best among the rest where you quench the thirst of your shopaholic heart without hurting your pocket.


To everyone’s knowledge, Bandra is an absolute shopping hub! Linking road in Bandra lives up to everyone’s expectation. From latest clothes, accessories, shoes and bags, Linking Road has it all. Bargaining is rampant and rightly so, but we assure you that you’ll find the trending fashion at throwaway prices in this place. Here you can shop a full ensemble (outfit, shoes, and some accessories) under INR. 1000/- and of course you’ll still have money left. This place has a perfect mix of street shops as well as showrooms, so you never run out of options.

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