Mysore trekking

The King Of Treks Down South

Mysore, a magnificent city in Karnataka, is known for its eclectic blend of opulent palaces, serene lakes, incredible museums, beautiful temples & churches, and a vast expanse of verdant well-manicured gardens. This city reminds us of the bygone era of royalty and grandeur. Very few people know that Mysore is also a perfect place to gain exciting trekking experiences. Look at some of the most amazing and exciting trekking spots in Mysore that will lighten your mood and make you feel energetic.

Siruvani Waterfalls

Located near Coimbatore, these magnificent waterfalls provide an amazing trekking experience. This waterfall is the source of drinking water for the city. Trekkers have to cross a few kilometers through a dense forest to reach the waterfalls. Siruvani dam is also worth checking out when trekking in the area.

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Dhoni Hills

It is an awe-inspiring location, perfect for trekking and spending quality time close to nature. Nestled amidst the hills are the magnificent Azhamkampara Waterfalls, which are a sight to behold. Trekking on the undulating, rocky, and verdant terrain is a unique experience. A trek to Dhoni hills ensures that you carry back lovely memories and feel refreshed for a long time.


Located close to Chikmagalur, Mullayanagiri mountain peak, with a 1950 1925 m height, provides a perfect experience for trekking enthusiasts. It is one of the highest peaks between the Himalayas and Nilgiri. A small temple close to the peak is dedicated to Tapasvi Mullappa Swamy. He is believed to have meditated in a cave close to the peak for a long time. Once trekkers reach the summit, they can enjoy the lovely views.

Pushpagiri Hills

One of the best trekking locations close to Mysore, Pushpagiri Hills, is known to provide an enchanting trekking experience and aesthetic viewpoints. The whole valley gets irrigated by the famous Harangi River that gushes down with force from above the hills. The entire area enjoys a thick, verdant arboreal cover, making it a pleasant sight.

Nandi Hills

An enchanting hill station in Karnataka, Nandi Hills is also a fantastic trekking spot. The hill summit has a bungalow, temple, and a Kalyana Mantap. The hills got their name from the statue of Nandi, Lord Shiva’s vahana. River Pennar, Arkavati, and Pallar flow from the hills livening up the area with emerald-green vegetation. There are more than one thousand two hundred steps leading to the summit of these hills.


Religiously significant, this wonderful tourist attraction is known for its magnificent temples and caves. A trek to this place gives stunning views of a nearby spring, a small pool, and lovely caves, worth exploring. Spend some time amidst nature and come back feeling refreshed. It is located within a six-hour drive away from Mysore.

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