Open road

Bunk Work, Take a Trip

A relic of the Industrial Revolution, the 8-hour workday has come to be accepted as the norm as we go about the daily grind with no questions asked. Sometimes however, you need to bend the rules and reclaim your time. You have slogged and achieved your targets (yours, really?) month in and month out and realise that your life goals and office targets are not the same.

Okay, so you can’t really step out of the office, throw your phone into the nearest lake, change your name and walk into the sunset. Those EMIs are just too pesky. Take an impromptu day off instead, a low-profile one. Yes, the B-word, never to be uttered in the hallowed aisles of your centrally air-conditioned sweatshop. Everybody has done it at one point of time or the other. Even your manager! However you still need to be careful when you plan such a thrilling escapade. Tick all the boxes and make sure you don’t land up in a compromising situation. When you bunk work, there are certain rules that you want to stick to, unless you like awkward conversations with the boss. Here are some of them.

Own Your Adventure

The Getaway Car

Spies and bank robbers have mastered the art of going undetected in decoy cars. Luckily for you, this is the easy part. A car rental is enough to provide you your getaway car. Step right in and take control of the wheel. Cruise around the town and practice your diabolical laughter to celebrate the heist you just pulled off. A rented car is unassuming and gives you the flexibility to move around wherever you want to. Steer clear from public transport. You do not want to be left in the open like a sitting duck near an auto-stand or bus stop, waiting for a Murphy’s Law enactment, in the guise of ‘that’ annoying colleague who happens to pass by.

Getaway car

Your Best Friend

Hit the Open Road

After you have dodged the office for the day, you need to get away from the hot areas as soon as possible. Steer clear from the crowded areas as you may bump into a colleague or friend. Add to the adventure of skipping work by hitting the highway and driving to a destination in the outskirts. Every city has its own set of getaways and a simple web search will give you plenty of options. Just don’t absent-mindedly Instagram the scenery you see. Leave that for another day.

Open road

What are you waiting for?

Dhabas Don’t Ask Questions

As tempting as it may sound, it may be a bad idea to head to your favourite restaurant when you are supposed to be burning through your keyboard at work. You are now a free spirit, an outlaw living on the edge. Life on the road is your chosen path (for the day at least), hence lunch too should follow a similar pattern. India’s dhabas are legendary, providing a range of wholesome food for one who is ‘on the run’.


Food for the Free Spirit

Hide in Plain Sight

So a sojourn into the countryside may not be your thing. You can also hide in plain sight and enjoy your day off. The cinema hall is your best bet. Espionage stories would have taught you by now that the movies are amongst the most discreet places. The monsoon season is also a great time to catch up on all that Hollywood superhero action. Drive your rental to the nearest multiplex and catch a flick. That popcorn will never taste so good again. You deserve it.

Movie theater

An empty hall, a bag of popcorn

Adventures with the Gang

Bunking work is more fun when you are with the tribe. A few trusted associates provide a perfect foil for an impromptu day out. Cruise around in your rental with a group of friends and go undetected. Whether you are heading off to a nearby resort, a favourite outskirt viewpoint or something as simple as a matinee show, a large group always adds to a wonderful day outing.

Adventure with the gang

Take control of your own routine. The weekday is yours too, just like the weekend always was. Practice that fake cough, throw in some sorrowful lines and call the office. Hire a rental car and begin this little adventure for a much-deserved break.

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