Call to Action: Road Maintenance Is a Life-and-Death Issue

Yesterday morning, a 23-year old Bangalore tech worker on a motorcycle was killed by a bus as he maneuvered to avoid a sewage-filled crater in the middle of the road.  The hole was left by stalled road construction.

Well-maintained roads are not just a matter of convenience and the economic well-being of the city.  They are quite literally a matter of life and death for Bangalore motorists.

Call the politicians who spend your tax money and tell them that road quality is one of the issues that you will be thinking about when you vote!

Your vote is your strength.

But don’t rely on politics to keep you safe.  Be responsible on the roads!  If you are riding a two-wheeler (as a driver or as a passenger), wear a helmet.  If you are in a car, buckle your seat belt.

Your employees in government
Your employees in government

One thought on “Call to Action: Road Maintenance Is a Life-and-Death Issue

  • January 27, 2016 at 1:17 am

    It really is a matter of life and death when you are driving at higher speeds. I’m sure that both of us can count the times where the road was left in less than favorable conditions. Also, a good maintenance company would be able to keep the road clear of potholes and other dangers year-round.


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