Different Travelers: Girls vs Boys

When we talk of travel, and holidays.  We would generally like to go with our friends or family. Sometimes, it’s just a trip for the girls or only the guys. Has it ever crossed your mind, how differently girls and guys travel? From packing their stuff, to what they pack, from where they go to what they eat,  it’s all different. Here is our pick of the different ways that guys and girls travel:

Packing for a trip

Boys prefer to squeeze everything into one backpack, as it’s less taxing for them to carry the load(luggage), when on the GO, on most occasions, they’d just rather travel light , bringing along just the essential (pair of shoes, flipflops, two pairs of short and a few tee shirts.

Own Your Adventure

Girls vs guys packing for a trip

Now, Girls will carry a minimum of 3 outfit changes per day of the trip! Expect big bags! A day outfit, a just relax in between outfit, and of course a night outfit, oh not to forget shoes to match all of them!

Importance of hygiene

Boys aren’t really bothered about their hygiene (taking a shower) unless necessary such as when they’d be visiting a nightclub or party or maybe meet someone new from the opposite sex. But let’s be honest they do carry the basics.

Basic bathroom stuff for a guy on a trip

Girls will carry everything in their bathroom, from body wash and loofahs to hair removal creams and in case it’s needed a razor also. A face mask also if there is a possibility of going to a “nice” place.

essential toiletries for a girl

Picture Perfect

Given the current generation and the trend of selfies, yes, expect a lot of selfies. A girl gang is sure to take selfies in every possible pose, in every imaginable lighting.

selfie for girls

While the boys like to capture the funny moments so that they can make fun of it later.

pictures guys take on a trip

When at a location such as Goa , a shirtless picture at the beach( with a beer, maybe) is a must, regardless of the pack you’re carrying , family or six( pun intended). For a girl at Goa a sarong and a bikini are must haves!

Yummy in the tummy

Forget hunger they’re just looking or probing at the next thing that’ll quench their thirsts. Girls will never miss out of trying out the different local foods, they can find!

Must-do’s on the trip

The must do for an all boys gang is to just chill with a few quenchers, whereas for an all girl gang duh…SHOPPING is a must, must-do!

Room of requirement

For boys, the road trips are more about the adventure, the thrill, the freedom of getting off their daily routine. So, planning a road trip next time with your boys, forget the word “Sleep”. It’ll be all about pulling off those all-nighters at a house party and then at the beach next, at a stretch. They will just need a space on the bed to crash and call it a night.

dormitory accomodation

With the girls though the place needs to be clean, neat, and must have a mirror. The stay for them needs to comfortable and safe as well.

neat and clean room

So how many of these do you agree with? Are you going to Zoom on a all girls or all boys trip soon?

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