Environment-Friendly Driving made Real with The Mahindra Electric e2O plus!

India is seeing the times of an ‘Airpocalypse’. You’d agree that we need a change and we thought of taking the first step to enable you to a greener alternative, one step at a time and we could make a change. Here’s presenting you an electric vehicle at a price point which won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
ZAP Subscribe lets you get all the benefits of owning an Electric Vehicle without the hassle of buying one. Let go of the car down payment worries, heavy monthly EMIs and everything else it brings along.

EVs or Electric Vehicles are automobiles that work on a rechargeable battery system, letting go of the conventional fuel utilizing ways. This results in them being more efficient and cleaner in terms of air pollution and greenhouse emissions. They leave a drastically lighter carbon footprint in comparison to conventional cars. They may sound novel at the moment, but they are what we all need; you, us and the environment. 

ZoomCar and ZAP Subscribe bring you the Mahindra Electric e2O plus. Assuring a driving range of approximately 110-120 km per charge, the Mahindra Electric e2O plus is the Urban Indian Man’s best bet! With Direct Drive Transmission and a small turning radius, it is apt for your city traffic. You can be assured you aren’t harming the environment since you emit absolutely nothing from your tailpipe and utilize no fuel at all.

First, let’s solve some concerns you may have about having an EV

Do I need to buy an EV?
They aren’t cheap. When seeing alternatives you would definitely opt for a regular car that would cost you nearly the same and give you more space.

Car Financing?
Now that would mean innumerous Car Loan and Car EMI Calculations, a lot of research time and some added stress to your already stressful lifestyle. The High-Cost EMIs and Car Loan Interests would still be a perpetual nemesis even after you’ve received your vehicle.

What is the Resale-value of EV?
An EV is not a profitable commodity. You may not be able to resell it at the same, let alone a higher price than what you paid when you bought it.

Is managing and maintaining an EV difficult?
Contrary to what you may believe, EV may sound novel but ZAP Subscribe Assistance helps you simplify the not-so-complicated process.

Own Your Adventure

What if I need to go on a long road trip?
Your EV is your daily use urban vehicle that helps you travel short to medium distances. When it comes to going on longer trips, a single charge would practically not be able to take you to your destination and bring you back. For times like these, you have a plethora of self-drive Zoomcars at your disposal. Just rent a car with us. We offer you a flat 50% off on your fare since you’re a responsible driver with no terms and condition whatsoever! 

EVs are the future of automobiles. Soon enough they’ll be a need and not a matter of choice. You could be an early entrant to the bandwagon of individuals who responded to symptoms of the Airpocalypse in time. Given the simplicity of the process, there’s no reason you would not want to opt for one. Have more concerns or want to get started now?

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