Here’s How Getting a Car On Subscription Secures All Your Travel Plans

2020 brought along with it a tough challenge for the world. Especially the past few months spent under lockdown have been tiring mentally. We all can agree to this!

However, these last few months have taught one thing – Better Be Safe Than Sorry! After the lockdown-unlock, public transport has started to run; schools are opening up, and so are offices. Thus, it would help if you viewed everything, especially your commutation options, from a safety aspect. Re-starting public transportation services might be a practical decision to ensure a normality step, but it does not guarantee safety. On the other hand, personal mobility enables security and safety while traveling.

Own Your Adventure
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With personal mobility, you can upkeep the norm of social distancing and travel without worrying. The availability of car-subscription services will enable you to travel privately if you do not own a car. If you are hesitant about these services, you can subscribe a car for a day and see for yourself. Our services, at Zoomcar, offer vehicles for varying durations- daily, monthly, weekly, and annual.

The best aspect is that subscribing to a car will have similar advantages to having a personal vehicle. It enables you to travel in all kinds of situations, such as:

  1. Day-to-Day Travel

With resuming offices, you might have to start traveling daily. If you availed the public transport services like buses and metros for commutation before the coronavirus outbreak, it would not be wise to do so now. Cases are still on the rise every day, so it is important that you carefully consider daily commutation options. As an easy alternative, you opt for car-subscription services and travel securely instead.

Even if you have to visit the grocery store, you should avoid crowded places. Such places have more exposure to the virus.  Avoid hiring or sharing cabs, so limit contact with people. This way, you will be able to restrict the transmission of the virus and be safe at all times. 

  • Emergency Hospital Visit

The need to visit the hospital can arise at any point in time. Especially if you have elderly parents or an expecting wife, you may unexpectedly require visiting the hospital.

If you subscribe a car, you will not have to look for safer transport options in critical times. Nor will you require wasting time waiting for a friend to bring a car. Instead, similar to a privately owned vehicle, the subscribed car will be at your doorstep for use until the subscription duration. So, why wait for a challenging situation to give you a push. Avail car-subscription services from us to handle all emergencies without difficulty.

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  1. Visiting Hometown

If you could not go back to your hometown due to the lockdown, you can now travel safely. As it has been a rough couple of months, you might want to visit your parents to spend some quality time with them.

After visiting, if you feel like extending your trip, you will not worry about traveling back. Just avail the self-drive car-subscription option and travel around as and when you feel like.

  • Inter-city Business Travels

Getting back on your feet at your work can be a challenging task in such a situation. You might have to travel to a different city to meet your investors or to fulfill precarious business commitments. Do not let the non-availability of a safe mode of transport compromise your work.

Avail our self-drive car-subscription option and travel securely. You can conduct these meetings in the car itself. This safe space will help you keep your business running and get back on track.

These few situations are examples of how car-subscription services will help, even in the long run. With no vaccine in sight, who knows for how long this situation is going to continue. Hence, you must prepare for the time ahead and secure all your travel plans with long-term car-subscription services. The most significant advantage it that it is essential mobility support while it will help keep the risk at bay.

Secure Your Traveling with Subscription Cars

Additionally, long-term car-subscription services are also beneficial if you plan a short trip with your family or your loved ones. With our services at Zoomcar, we understand your requirement and bring the most suitable solutions in front of you. We provide an all-India permit for all our vehicles so that you can travel everywhere easily. Besides, we also offer 24x 7 roadside assistance so that if your car breaks down anywhere, you get help quickly.  

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