Here’s what you’re missing out on if you don’t cycle!

Bicycles, one thing probably each one of us has a story about that makes us nostalgic. Though you may convince yourself it is, riding a bicycle isn’t only a past time for kids. Now if you remember fighting for a cycle like it was birthright when you were a child, and you still feel the fascination of this gentle vehicle everytime you see someone riding it, here are a few reasons why you should PEDL!

1) Forgot to pick up dhaniya on your way home from work, no worries!
Convenient and quick as they are, bicycles are the perfect ammunition to run speedy errands. Whether you need that medicine urgently or are craving ice-cream in the middle of the night. Always at your disposal, no rocket science involved. Hop on and PEDL.

Own Your Adventure

2) Find your way through the traffic
Bicycles are lovely! They’re portable and convenient and of course lighter than your motorbike. So if you’re stuck in the perpetual city traffic just scoot your way through!
Hack: In a haste and stuck at the red light, pick your bicycle up and just cross the street walking. Get some “Kabhi kabhi lagta hai apun hi bhagwan hai” feels.

(We do not recommend breaking traffic rules under any circumstance though)

3) I park, where I park!  
Parking a bicycle does not occupy a lot of space. So even if you’re in a public space, the chances of your parked bicycle causing an obstruction to passers-by are bleak. And if parking in your residential colony is a concern, you can always park inside your home!

4) What’s more romantic than a cycling date? 
Want to do something fun and not cliche on your date? Go on a cycling date to a nearby park or hill. The exhaustion from cycling and the lovely view and wind should for sure put you both in a very cuddly space. Amazing photographs for perks! Note: Your date lasts longer!

5) Lose those extra Kgs doing something fun!
Going to the gym is a task in itself and none of us can deny the boredom a staple routine brings. A fantastic way to reach your health goals by simply picking a better alternative in your day to day life without having to spare extra hours is a god sent! Find a way to replace one of your mode of transports during to the day to a bicycle. Not only will it help you sweat it out, you will also love the experience and genuinely look forward to it.

6) Earn Karma Points
We all are well aware of how we need to move towards being more conscious beings with our choices. Burning fuel only intensifies the pressure we’re exuding on Mother Earth. Wherever you have a choice opt for clean travelling and earn yourself some good karma. 

7) Sasta, sundar, tikau!
If you own a vehicle you know the burning a hole in your pocket isn’t a one-time occurrence. It’s maintenance, fuel, parking cost, are a perpetual hole in your pocket. Maintaining a bicycle costs a fraction of the price as compared that a motorbike and no fuel or parking fuss. Also, you don’t even need to buy a bicycle, you can just rent a PEDL and you’re sorted. Not only do you save on a lot of expenditure while you PEDL, you can now also earn as you PEDL! With ‘One Love, One PEDL’ the more you ride, the more you earn. 5 people/day stand a chance to win up to Rs. 500 PayTM cash daily and Travel vouchers worth Rs. 15,000. That’s not all; the top 2 riders stand a chance to win a One Plus 6! (Could be the perfect phone camera to take for your cycling date!) PEDL brings you a smart, affordable and environment-friendly way to take the road with its rentable bicycles. You can pick one up from your nearest PEDL station and drop it any around you. With its cost-efficient and smart, seamless payments, PEDL is the revolution of clean travel. Begin your PEDL journey now!

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